Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

I will start this blog with a funny picture. Little Miss Elle Marie LOVES bath time, she loves it so much that the kitchen and whoever is giving her a bath is just as wet as she is! Take a look at my sweatshirt...soaking wet!

Most babies lose hair from laying on their back...not Elle, hers just keeps growing longer and longer! Since I am always putting bows in her hair (and they do serve a purpose, they aren't just for looks) I thought I would try a pony. She sort of resembles Pebbles from the Flintstones. Sooner than later we will be putting pig tails in her hair! :)

Thursday morning, Heather, Finley and Becky picked Elle and I up for a play date in Hudson. Heather's good friend Jill has two little ones, Gavin (3) and Maddie (4months) and had us over for the morning. Gavin is giving his little sister some love on the play-mat, Finley is a little blurry because he was having so much fun running and jumping around and Elle is chilling in the swing. Thanks for a great morning and some adult conversation!

Friday morning Elle and I met Melissa and Claire at the mall to walk. After we made several loops around the mall, it was time for Claire to get we stopped at the mall toys. Look how big Claire is and soon she will have a little mini-me with the same pony! :)

Friday afternoon was the "Fall Party" at school, no costumes anymore but still fun in the classroom. Below the kids are doing a mummy wrap game...lots of fun!

As I said above, the kids no longer wear costumes to school (think about getting 20 + 5 years changed into their Thanks!) but when you are 3.5 months old the rules don't apply! :) Elle wore her costume to school and was told over and over that she was the cutest butterfly! Well of course!?!?!?

We headed to the cities on Saturday for two reasons. 1. Elle's nightstand (the last piece of furniture for her room) came in. 2. Dave and I wanted to go to lunch...without Elle. Lucky for us, our favorite Mexican restaurant is right next to USA Baby. We got to stuff our faces at Don Pablos!

Since Grandma Maureen was going to watch Elle while we ran around, it was only appropriate that she show up in her Halloween costume!

Dave would "flutter" her wings when he held her up, it looked like she was flying! So darn adorable!

Trick or Treating was Sunday night and look who stopped over! Heather and Firefighter Finley stopped by!

Olivia and Avery stopped over too...

We took Elle to see our immediate neighbors, but that was all. We have enough candy, but we did make Elle her own Trick or Treat bag (Thanks to my neighbor Heather for the idea). Yes that is Elle's footprint. Leave it to a kindergarten teacher to paint her child's foot!

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Uncle Adam and Auntie Amy came over for Trick or Treating, a tradition the last 3 years. They brought Elle a special "treat", books! Thanks guys!

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