Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dora the Explorer!

Elle is definitely "mobile". She is finding lots of fun "toys" around the house to play with....we are still finding things we need to baby proof!

Elle helped Daddy with laundry this week. He said she unfolded every towel he folded, would climb in/out of the laundry basket... what a good helper! :)

I had parent/teacher conferences this week and Thursday I was at school for 12+ hours!! Dave needed to take care of some business in the cities, and met up with Papa Bill for lunch. Sounds like they had a nice lunch.

Then they stopped to see Grandma Maureen at school! I am not sure who was more tired by the end of their busy day - Elle or Daddy?!?!

Elle has had a little diaper rash this week and we have been doing diaper free time between changes...look at those butt cheeks!!! She only had one accident - not to bad. I am sure she will love this picture when she is older! :)

Our little Dora the explorer (a.k.a. Elle) has been ALL over the house this week...and Paisley is right behind her! Dora found the slippery wood floor, she kind of looks like Bambi in the kitchen.

Good thing we installed the baby gate a few weeks back! "Dora" crawls over to it often...maybe she is saying "Help, Help" get me out of here!

"Dora" has found the bathroom. I am waiting for the day she finds the toilet paper!!! I think we will be putting our other gate in this door way.

And she has made her own obstacle course, by crawling under and over anything in her way! Elle thinks it is too much fun to crawl under the jumperoo and to play with the toys from the "outside".

"Dora" adventured into the kitchen again and thought the dinning room chairs would be fun to crawl under (and hit our head). Good thing I spent my Saturday afternoon on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors, they are clean and ready for a little girlie to crawl all over.

Here is a little video of "Dora" exploring Gramma's room.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A week of Firsts

What a week! This was the longest and most exhausting week I have had since I have been back to school! Lots of things going on at night! Elle sure had a busy week too....

Elle sat like a big girl for the first time in a shopping cart and she loved it! She was looking around and smiling at EVERY person we passed!

Elle's first Valentine's Day - despite the look on her face, she was very excited. She got chains from mommy and daddy and a floaty with a shade from gramma and grampa! We can't wait to use the floaty in Door county.

We took our first walk outside (in 2011). Gramma and Elle went for a walk everyday but Friday this week! We were sure to take advantage of the Spring like bad it won't be sticking around.

Elle played in the snow for the first time! She wasn't quite sure what to think of it. She reached forward to grab it and face planted in the snow....oops! I can't wait until next year when we can play in the snow and maybe even go sledding!

I don't have any pictures of the next first...but Elle's first tooth cut through on Tuesday!!!! Last week she had completely changed her napping schedule, but was still sleeping great at night, so we just thought she was ready to be awake longer between naps. But now that the tooth has come in, I think that was the reason. This week, she is back her "normal" nap schedule for the most part. She has been quite the trooper, no fever, no diaper rash, just a little more fussy at night so we have been going to bed early!

When I walked in the door on Thursday, Elle had just woken up from her nap. I love going in to get her, especially when Dad or Gramma put her down. This is what I saw when I walked in!!! Elle pulled herself up in her crib for the first and last time! Little stinker was throwing pacifiers out, it was a good thing she didn't bend down to try and grab one that she threw out! She would have fallen right on her head! Needless to say, her mattress has been lowered.

As I mentioned in the last post, Elle has been rocking on ALL fours for a couple weeks. As Grampa would say, she is stuck in neutral...well she put it in gear Friday night! Elle crawled across the living room for the first time! It is a very slow crawl, and her arms go up in the air like an elephants trunk, but she is crawling! Watch out world, here she come! Bring on the baby proofing...

Remotes are really good motivation to crawl, she was taking a break in this picture. I will try to get it on video this week.

Elle got to meet her two newest cousins for the first time! Aiden came home on Thursday and Ashton came home on Saturday! We are so happy they are home and doing so well! Aiden is on the left and Ashton is on the right. Elle is looking forward to bossing the boys around (just like her mommy used to do)!

Elle first checked out Aiden.....

Then she had to check out Ashton....

And I am sure she is thinking...oh boy, TWO boys! Yikes!!!

Brotherly love!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daddy is ready for Spring...Spring Training that is!

Our baby girl is SEVEN months old! Where has the time gone? She is growing and learning so much everyday, before you know it we are going to be celebrating her first birthday!

Elle loves to look in the mirror at "the baby", so we brought a small mirror that wasn't being used into the living room for her to play with. She loves to touch and even kiss "the baby" in the mirror. It is covered with finger prints and kiss/slobber marks!

We made a trip to the cities last weekend and met up with Grandma Maureen, Brock and Aftin for lunch. All three of the kids were very well behaved at lunch. We missed you Jeff and Sue...but I am sure they didn't miss us, as they were laying on the beach in Cancun! Hope you had a good trip!

Our trip to the cities was in search of the perfect baby gate. We needed one that would work for the top of a stairway and have a banister only took us three stores to find the right one.

With our little girlie rocking on all fours, we know it isn't long until she will be crawling and we need to keep her safe. We plan to teach her how to go down the steps right away, so there is no fear of the steps....but there are times when we need it for safety (like while we are cooking dinner, etc).

David LOVES house projects, this time he had a supervisor - Elle was watching his every move and made sure the gate was installed properly!

Go Pack Go! We had a very small Superbowl gather at our house with the neighbors and Adam/Amy. Elle and I made sure to wear the same shirts we wore the past three games....we are a little superstitious! Go Pack Go! What a great game!

Elle and Paisley did a little pre-game tug-a-war! Paisley is the best dog, she is sooo gently with Elle!! She knows when Elle is playing and doesn't pull hard on her toys, but allows Elle to pull back. They are best buddies.

After dinner Monday night, Elle seemed to still want more (we thought she had enough) so we tried puffs.....

Do you think she liked them? NOT ONE BIT!!!! We will try again soon, the texture is SO different than anything she eats right now. I am sure one day soon she will love them!

It was Daddy's week at home and since the Superbowl is over (and he has to hear about the Packer's being the Superbowl Champs for the next 9 months) he is ready for Baseball to start. Elle wore every piece of baseball clothing she owns!

Daddy's little slugger sporting her Twins gear.

Representing the Eagles (the summer team David plays on). Love the name and number on the back!

Go Brew Crew! (We cheer for both the Twins and Brewers as long as they aren't playing each other!)

Elle was busy making Valentine's this week. She sent special Valentine's to her Grandma's and Grandpa's, and cousins!