Monday, July 16, 2012

Look Whoos Two!

Before we celebrated Elle's Birthday, we all headed to O.F. to celebrate Grampa's 60th Birthday!  We had a great evening a little grilling, some popsicles and ended the night with a bonfire! 

Good morning birthday girl.....Don't they both look thrilled?!?!?

Laura and Julie stopped by to visit Elle on her birthday!  It was great to see you ladies, thanks for coming to visit!

We headed to the pool for pizza, and a swim.  Grandma Maureen and Papa Coach joined us as well!

Elle blew out candles in the pizza...twice because she blew them out before we even started to sing!

Pool time...

Such a big girl to crawl across the logs!  Look at how determined she is! 

Ooppss...face plant!


Birthday kisses!

waiting for the logs....again...

Clapping for the boy who went in front of her.  What a good sport!

Daddy had a baseball game that night, so we walked across the street to watch.  But first, mom and Auntie Amy went to get ice cream treats to help celebrate!

Bubble fun!

Giving Daddy a good luck kiss!
More treats, popcorn! (That she stole from Aiden!  Soon they will learn to fight back!)

Just another treat...suckers with Papa!  What a birthday menu!
Patting Daddy, Good Job Daddy!
Big girl bed - Round 2.  We converted Elle's bed into a big girl bed.  She was very interested in it and wanted to read in it!  (And dress like Daddy!)
We also set up the pack-n-play (with tent) for comfort and she gets to choose (for now) where she wants to sleep.  She has slept in her big girl bed one night and one nap.  Its a start...August, the pack-n-play will go bye-bye!
Look Whoos Two!  Owls were the theme of Elle's birthday party.  Thanks to pinterest for many of the ideas/details for her party!  The kids favors (pinterest)...

We enjoyed a nice, small family gathering!  The kids played on the swing set and entertained us all!

Elle delivered an adult beverage to Adam.  But would only give him the bottle opener...

After being told about 10 times to give the "juice" to Adam, she did!

Time for presents!  Elle was once again spoiled!!  Thank you everyone for the very nice gifts!  Elle has been busy playing with ALL of them!

Auntie Amy made Elle this very special blanket.  An owl blanket that matches her invite (to a T)!  She has slept with it every night/nap since!

Elle had been trying to touch and lick the frosting since she woke up from her nap.  When the cake was finally put in front of her she was like really?!?

I know she is not one and really didn't "need" her own cake, but I think she did!  :)  And she loved digging in to it too!!

We stayed a few extra days with Gramma and Grampa so that Erika could take Elle's pictures!  Elle was NOT.SO.SURE. about her at first.  But we put on a little Jimmy Buffet and she started to dance.  The rest was history...well not really.  But we did have one goof ball on our hands...

Thank you Erika for your patience and willingness to be silly to get our little lady to smile!  I LOVE ALL of the pictures from our sneak peek and can't wait to see the rest!  Check out Erika's blog, she is an AMAZING photographer.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Elle's second birthday so fun and special!

Fun facts about our two year old:
  1. Elle loves the water.  She kicks and screams when it is time to be all done.
  2. Elle Marie LOVES to dance!  She knows how to turn on the music at home.
  3. Elle loves to play with babies - hopefully this will help in October!
  4. Elle continues to be a VERY picky eater!
  5. Elle LOVES any cookie or type of Candy...Oreos and M&M's are her favorite.
  6. Elle has learned and uses the word MINE all.the.time.
  7. Elle Marie wants to do what you do and how you do it...sometimes nice, sometimes not.
  8. Elle naps once a day for 1 1/2-3 hours and sleeps for about 11 hours at night!
  9. Elle only wants to wear flip flops - fall is going to be a rough transition back to shoes.
  10. Elle Marie LOVES to swing and would to it ALL day long.  She favorite pushes are "Big Ones" - a mini underdog.