Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Time and living is....busy!

Well....what can I say?!?!?  I just haven't been in the mood to blog.  Thank you to everyone who has continued to check to see if I updated...well here is what we have been up to this summer!  I can't believe it is July already, what happened to June?  I blinked and it was gone....

Memorial weekend was a project weekend at the Rueber household.  We built a swing set, with help from Grampa, Gramma, Adam, Amy, Aiden and Ashton!  It rained most of the day on Saturday, so Grampa and Dave started the platform in the garage.

Elle was checking the measurements and making sure everything was just right...
Dave got a new wheel barrow for his birthday, Elle likes to take it for rides!
Saturday the weather was, but great!  Elle couldn't wait to help, she was out in the garage in her jammies.
Let the construction begin....

While the boys worked, we played -in the pool....
on the slide...
with shaving cream...
(L.O.V.E. Ashton's expression...umm cousin Elle what the *&%$ are you doing?!?!?)
in the sprinkler around the pool...
(Aiden was a little nervous about the pool.  Who wouldn't be with crazy Elle in there!)
sliding into the pool...

on the slide before it was on the swing set...
in the swing...
on the ladder...

with the water table...
Basically. we stayed busy ALL day while the boys built an awesome swing set!  Thank you for all of your help, we will enjoy it for years and years!

Memorial Day morning, we headed downtown for the annual parade.  Grandma Maureen bought this adorable outfit (for the 4th, but it is too cute to wear only once!)
 Having a snack waiting for the parade to start!

 Elle L.O.V.E.D. the bands.  She would say more, more!

 After the parade we headed to a ball game for Daddy.  This was Elle's first game of the season.  She was ALL.ABOUT.DADDY! 

 She didn't really like that he was behind the fence and she couldn't go with...

 After the game, Elle got to finally go by Daddy!  Grandma took Elle for her first run around the bases!


 Daddy was giving her a few pointers!


Finley and Hadley's mom had a special lunch to attend so we got to play!  I had a special lunch planned, painted grilled cheese!  (Thank you pinterest!)

It was a hit, Hadley ate an entire 1/2 of a grilled cheese, Finley ate most of his and Elle did too!  Finley and Elle are known for not it was a hit! :)

The circus came to town and I was so excited to take Elle.  I wanted to take her on a elephant ride...well those are some expensive elephants!  We decided to wait until she would remember the ride before we did it!  But she did enjoy looking at them!

I think Elle enjoyed the treats the most (can't tell by her face, but she did!)  Popcorn, balloons, shaved ice...yummy!

I was a little nervous about Elle being home ALL day EVERYDAY and keeping her entertained.  Well thank you to pinterest, we have been busy with new ideas!  I also had some "old" ideas in the back of my head to try...Bingo dabbers are so fun!

 Good old painting is always fun too!

 Why use the brushes??? Using your hands is more fun!!


Gotta love summer projects!  Ever since we moved in, I have wanted the tree cut down that was next to the deck.  It was growing at a 45 degree angle and had very weak branches.  I was afraid of a bad storm and it falling on the house!  Well....after a really bad storm (our neighbors lost 5-6 BIG trees), we were very lucky and didn't loose any...we decided it was time for the tree to come down!

 The Minnesota Zoo visited the Library.  Elle and I met Heather and Finley.  There were 5 small animals that Elle wasn't too interested in - tarantula, owl, snake, skunk, and a bearded dragon.  I think we will wait a few years to return to this event!

 David does NOT like snakes and Elle is NOT afraid of anything...this picture is for David!  As we left the show, the kids could touch the snake.  Sure why not?!?!?  Elle is so brave!

 Speaking of animals...we met up with the boys and Amy for a morning at Irvine!
 Elle thought this goat was a riot!  She would laugh and say "oh gosh" when he would stand up on the fence!

 It was another HOT day!  So we ended our trip at the fountains.  Fun in the water is always good!

 Onto the 4th!  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!  Thank you Markets for letting us crash your 4th party!  With David's work schedule (he works just about EVERY holiday) Elle and I are left alone.  It is so nice to spend the day with friends! 

Heather's mom and dad live on the lake so we spent the afternoon and evening on the water.  Thank goodness for a lake breeze - the temps were pushing 100!

Elle was checking out the view! (I think Finley was trying out the water ski trainer and she was watching)

Time for a dip in the water!  Elle is a fish, I think we were in the water for a good hour!

 The water ski trainer is fun to float on even when it isn't being pulled behind a boat!  Finley took Elle for a ride!
 Elle is brave...standing up like a big girl!
 Heather's Dad puts on quite the fireworks display.  We headed out on the pontoon to watch!  Elle liked them at first, then she wasn't sure, then she liked them, then she wasn't sure...get the point?  At least she didn't cry!!

Baby update:

I am currently 26 weeks prego!  Feeling good, just HOT!  I don't feel or look (in my opinion) swollen...yet! Ask me in August...

Baby is definitely in a pattern.  Lots of movement after meals and TONS of movement at night when I first lay in bed!   I am still craving sweets, I think Baby would be okay if all I ate was chocolate...hopefully I pass the gestational diabetes test in a few weeks!

Here is my baby bump at 20 weeks!  Half way there!

Well poor #2 is already being treated like #2...I know everyone says that you are more relaxed with number 2, and I would completely agree.  Also, chasing a 2 year old around doesn't leave much time to think about him/her...sorry baby!!!  I promise, we WILL be ready for you!

I am starting to feel the "crunch" now that the 4th is over, I feel like summer flies!  We have A LOT to do before I head back to school.....

Order furniture/crib
Move furniture in spare room down stairs 
Put blinds in baby's room
Install a closet organizer in baby's room
Wash newborn clothing
Wash swing, bouncy seat (baby gear)
Get out bottles

Okay..I need to stop or I might have a mental breakdown!

It is July 12th, which means our little lady turned 2 years old yesterday!  I cannot believe she is two!  Check back for a birthday post!  

Thank you for continuing  to check in on the Rueber's... we are still alive a kicking...just busy as ever!  We are packing the summer with fun stuff - lots of pool visits, park play-dates, walks, bike rides, and don't forget Popsicle!

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