Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Camera!!!!

I got a new camera...see the difference in the pictures!  We made an investment and bought a DSLR Canon Rebel! I was so tired of missing Elle's smile, and everything else.  The shutter is so fast on the new camera - it takes up to 3.7 pictures in 1 second!!!! No more missing the moment! 

Paisley was my fist victim while playing with the new camera...

Speaking of Paisley.... she is a VERY good dog!  She has NEVER chewed anything up...until now!! Grrrr!  With Elle going to Susan's, Paisley is left alone during the day, which hasn't happened since Elle was born.  This was Paisley's way of letting us know she was mad that no one was home with her.  We now have to close the baby gate at the top of the steps and make sure Elle's door is closed or she will pull out her dirty laundry and sleep on it.....weirdo!
Elle loves to "cook".

And feed her baby the dinner she prepared.  She must get her baby feeding skills from her daddy...Just kidding!

We headed to Grandma Maureen's to pick up a suitcase before our trip and decided to make a day of it.  We went to the Giggle Factory in Hudson.  It is an indoor jungle gym!  Fun right...well it took Elle a little bit to warm up to it, so Dave and I ended up crawling through everything with her.

Look at how fast the new camera takes the action shot going down the slide!

After the giggle factory we went to visit Brock, Aftin and Easton!  Elle was very curious about her youngest cousin. 
She got to try the jump house that we got the kids for Christmas.  She loved it!
Daddy has been waiting to do this with her since we found out we were pregnant! 

Daddy will soon have her looking at the ball when hitting...
Nice swing Elle! :)
Gramma came to visit (and get her hair did...) so the boys came to visit too! It is one full table with 3 small children and 5 adults!
Elle was sure to get some snuggles in while Gramma was visiting!

Daddy and Elle met Melissa, Claire and Ben at the sports center one morning.

Check out the air that Claire is getting....
Claire was bouncing Elle!
Elle and I headed to Menomonie to play with the boys.  Elle loves all of their riding toys!

We just got back from out trip to Florida.  I will do my best to post this week about our vacation!