Sunday, November 28, 2010

The tradition lives on....

We have so much to be thankful for this year!!! We had a wonderful week filled with family and friends.

Monday we went to the Jankee's house for a play date (trying to get as many in before I go back to work). Elle loved the jumperoo, she played in it for 30 minutes!

We hosted Thanksgiving for the third year in a row! David's mom, step father, brother, sister-in-law and kids; my parents, brother and sister-in-law all come over to stuff their bellies. Last year, we announced that we were expecting!!! We are so thankful to have such a happy and healthy baby girl to share this Thanksgiving with. Elle got her own VIP seating for Thanksgiving...her highchair. We are so glad that we put it together, she is now able to sit at the table and play with toys while we eat.

Elle helped with the decorations...her little hands make perfect turkeys for our centerpieces!

The crowded kitchen as dinner is almost ready.

Gramma fed Elle her Thanksgiving meal! No turkey yet, maybe next year.

Friday we continued our tradition of the past three years. Black Friday shopping...but not like all of the crazies, we head to St. Paul and stop at all of the wonderful boutiques on Grand Ave. Elle was dressed for the season in her reindeer shirt...too cute!

Another tradition, we eat lunch at Cafe Latte...YUMMY! Our crew of shoppers from left to right: Amy and Elle, Amy's mom Kathy, Maureen, my mom and me. It is a fun group of ladies to shop til you drop with!

Auntie Amy and Elle both had on adorable hats!

"Dad, I can't feel my feet....Dad, I can't feel my legs. Clark, Audrey is frozen from the waist down! Its all a part of the experience."

Another tradition is to watch Christmas vacation and recite every line! (notice the quote above!) We have been watching this movie as a family since it came out! Elle was chilling with the boys as she watched the movie...don't worry we put earmuffs and a blindfold on Elle during the inappropriate parts!?!?

Our tradition of Christmas tree cutting has changed over the past two years. We used to trek through Nicolet National forest in search of the best Charlie Brown tree, but with schedules and lives so busy we now get on a wagon and search for our Christmas tree at Pleasant Valley Tree farm.

The lights were shinning down on this tree (just like in Christmas Vacation!). It sure is not as Charlie Brown as we used to get, but it is perfect!

A certain special Mr. and Mrs. were in attendance this weekend! Elle got to meet her first Santa and Mrs. Claus, she was a very well behaved girl who is of course on the nice list!

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