Saturday, December 4, 2010

Savoring every minute

Well, lets try this again...I had finished the blog for this week, posted it and an ERROR popped up which meant I lost everything!!! FRUSTRATING!!!!!!

This week marked my last week of maternity leave. I am very sad to have to go back to work, but know that I am very lucky to have been able to stay home for 5 months (Elle will be 5 months next weekend). We took advantage of the week by getting together with friends and lots of snuggling.

On Monday, we decorated the tree. Elle helped, can you see how excited she was to be helping....

We headed to the mall Tuesday to see Santa (for the second time). Elle and Santa were wearing matching leggings!!! :)

Santa was telling Elle what a good girl she had been this year and how she was on the "nice list". And Elle was making sure he was the real Santa and that his beard wouldn't come off if she pulled on it!

After Santa we were off to Claire's....

This ****very mad**** face is because Elle got her ears pierced!!!! She did cry, but not for very long. I was very excited, but very nervous at the same time!

Here is a side profile with the sparkly pink cute!

Here is our HaPpY baby girl when we got home from visiting Santa...ear rings not bothering her one bit!

On Wednesday, we met Heather and Finley for our last lunch date on my leave. We are really going to miss all of our play dates and lunches! Thanks for keeping us entertained while I was on leave!

Friday was my first day back, it was a work day for teachers which meant no kids. That was a great way to transition back to work! I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful sub. Jackie has planned and prepared a weeks worth of materials!! I feel ready for Monday, the week and for half of the next!

While I was out to lunch, this beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to my classroom. The card read: Good luck Mommy - Love, Elle. It made me cry....not the first time of the day.

David stayed home with Elle while I was at work. After Elle ate cereal (well I think more was on her clothing than in her mouth) she needed a change of clothes....and look what Daddy put her in!! How ugly is that outfit?!?!?!? Two can play at this game...tune in next week to see what Elle wears for the Packer game!!!

David is back to work this week, meaning Gramma is "on duty". Elle is very excited to have a week long play date with Gramma!

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