Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mr. Mom

This week David was on duty! With David's wacky work schedule (7 days on and 7 days off), he gets to stay home with Elle every other week. We have had many conversations about how lucky he is and the amazing bond he and Elle will have because of the time they get to spend together! I am sure she will be a "daddy's girl"!!

Same as last week, Elle was as happy as a clam to be home with Daddy! Remember when I had parent/teacher conferences....I was gone for about 4 hours and she SCREAMED for about 2.5 of those hours!!! She is apparently out of that phase, thank goodness!

On Monday, Elle and Daddy made a fort...the first of many I am sure!

There was a recall on my car, so off to the car dealer to have it repaired. I am sure that was a fun hour and a half with a 5 month old in the waiting area....

We are so lucky to have the childcare that we do! Because of David's wacky work schedule, Elle is going to Melissa's every other Friday for a half day. This way Dave will be able to get a little more rest before we is off to work Friday night.

I left my camera with Melissa to capture a few pictures of their morning. Look at that big girl sitting on the chair (mind you it only took about 5 shots to get a good one!).

Elle and Claire with matching ponies! Claire loves babies and was apparently very excited to have "baby" at her house!

Claire and Elle showing their love!! Too cute!!! Thanks again Melissa for taking Elle, we know she is in good hands and is having fun!

Our little girl is getting so big! She loves to sit and can do so on her own, she always needs to know what is going on around the house.

Check out this action shot...of course she is still learning and takes a few tumbles sometimes!

Elle was helping me make some Christmas goodies and it was so much work it put the girl right to sleep!

Elle made a few special Christmas cards for her family! Yes, I tortured her by painting her hands and feet to make these absolutely adorable reindeer!

Only 3 days of school until winter break, I am so looking forward to the week and a half home with my baby! We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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