Sunday, December 26, 2010

Elle's First Christmas

My apologies for such a last post...I have had many "followers" patiently waiting for the Christmas update! And while working on this post, my computer screen went black!! I called tech support they were going to charge me $50 bucks just for a diagnosis, I decided to do a little research on my phone and figured it out for myself! So enjoy this post!!!!! :)

Let's start with the week before Christmas, I had school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Elle had a special sitter...Grandma Maureen. Maureen didn't have school, so she was able to come over for the three days to watch Elle. No pictures (sorry), but I know that Elle and Grandma had a great three days together! Thanks Grandma Maureen for helping us out!

Elle was not as interested in the Christmas tree as I thought she would be, until this week. She noticed this one particular ornament that she wanted to touch! This look below is the look of are you watching mommy?

Even if you are watching I am going to touch anyway....

Uh-Oh! The pretty ornament year the tree will be decorated a little differently. The ornaments may only be on the top half of the tree! :)

Tuesday, Elle and I went to a gathering with some of my co-workers. Gail (a 1st grade teacher) hosted a nice little Holiday party. They have a gorgeous A-frame house, which is perfect for their 29 foot tree....yes 29 foot tree, that is not a typo!

Gail showed Elle the train that they have going around the base of their 29 foot tree. She loved it! Thanks for the fun ladies, it was a nice evening!

Thursday night, we celebrated Christmas at home before we left for gramma and grampa's house Christmas Eve morning. Good thing we did, because we would NOT had room in the car for the presents!

Elle opening her first present, she was interested in the colorful paper!

Checking out her first gift, a "fill and spill" cookie jar that of course sings songs (every toy these days sing!). Elle doesn't quite get the whole put things in and take them out, but she loves the shapes and the top to the cookie jar!

Oh boy, this present is bigger than Elle! We tried not to spoil her....but it was hard not too!

Yummy paper, Elle was more interested in eating the paper than her gifts...maybe next year!

"Books for Christmas, what the heck!" (quoted from that little boy on the news) Elle actually loves books and she got some Christmas classics - Frosty, Twas the Night before Christmas and A Snowy Day. Again, she is more interested in eating the books...

This is Elle's "big" gift from us this year, again we tried not to go too crazy and she doesn't really get Christmas. Elle got a music table and she LOVES it, the girl only wants to stand and will pound on the table for as long as you are willing to sit behind her (to catch her if she falls).

Elle is enjoying all of her gifts from mommy and daddy, can't you see the excitement!

Trying out the new music table with daddy. (not the best pic of David, he just woke up for work!)

Look at that big girl standing at her music table. That is all she wants to do is stand, she will arch her back when sitting on the floor just so you stand her up!

We headed east Christmas Eve morning and went to church at Calvary (where David and I got married). Our little family in front of Gramma and Grampa's Living room tree.

Gramma and Grampa with Elle in front of the tree on Christmas Eve.

Thanks for the adorable dress Grandma Maureen, I got lots of compliments on it at Church!

David's work schedule is so hard normally and extra hard around the holidays. He got done with work Christmas Eve morning, then drove to my parents house, took a nap, woke up for church, took a nap, woke up for dinner, and finally went to bed! But he did manage to get some snuggles in during one of his naps.

Have you ever seen a more adorable reindeer?

Grampa always makes a TON of food for Christmas day and all we do is eat ALL day long! It was only appropriate for Elle to have special food too, she tried sweet potatoes for the first time and LOVED them! We have since tried peas too and again she LOVES them!

Elle is sitting in a high chair that is 100 years old, it is the high chair that Adam and I used as well! No straps in this high chair, so we put a belt around her - it kept her in! :)

This picture does not do justice to the amount of presents this year, some are hiding behind the chairs on the left and right, some are in the front hallway. Lets just say we did our best to support the economy again this year! :)

Elle stayed awake for most of the gift opening, it only took us about three hours! We do take breaks to eat, but we let everyone open one gift at a time. Next years gift opening may look a little different...Elle will be opening everyone's gifts!

Of course Elle was not spoiled at all....
Auntie Amy gave Elle and outfit and the shirt says "My Auntie is the best"!

Last year Grampa gave the boys a bucket - you can always use a five gallon bucket. Well when Uncle Adam saw these craftsman buckets he had to get them! Elle sure thought they were great!

Elle is very excited about her BIG present. Gramma and Grampa gave her a wagon for summer walks. She asked if we could take it around the house, but we decided that wouldn't be the best thing for the hardwood floors :)

I am missing one picture, Grampa investing in a train to go around the tree and each morning Elle and Gramma would sit and look at the tree for about 15-20 minutes! She loved it, but the picture must be on Gramma's camera. Maybe for the next post, I will have it.

We had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the time with family! Thank you to everyone for making the holidays so special! We are very excited for next year when Elle will have two cousins to open presents with!

Happy New Year!

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