Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elle's Baptism

Everyone wakes up with bedhead sometimes...Monday morning, Elle looked like she spun on the top of her head while she was sleeping!

We have been taking full advantage of the wonderful weather that is still here. We went for two walks this week and hung out side with Paisley. It is hard to believe that it is November and we are still able to go for walks! I love Fall and I am so glad that I have been able to stay home and enjoy the weather!

It is so amazing how much Elle learns each day. Look at the can I get this thing in my mouth???? Elle is grabbing and pulling EVERYTHING to her mouth. She has figured out how to make this toy make noise...such a smart baby!

Oh look at that, she found her mouth! Just like every other toy and/or whatever is in her reach!

Tuesday my neighbor Heather, her son Avery, Elle and I headed to Woodbury for a day of shopping. It is nice to get out of Eau Claire once in a while to shop. We stopped at Panera for lunch, yummy! While the moms ate and talked, the babies slept. Elle and Avery were on their best behavior ALL day long.

Elle had a blowout while we were in American Eagle and the nice sales people let me change her in a dressing room!

Thursday morning Elle and I headed to Finley's, Heather had a training to attend. We were greeted by a very smiley and bouncy little boy, who was ready to share his baby toys with Elle! :) Finley was such a great helper, putting Elle's nuk in her mouth....

Showing Elle how to use his baby toys....

And then taking his own turn! It was a fun morning and a glimpse into what two would be like....BUSY!!

Thursday Elle turned 4 months old! Where has the time gone???

As I said above, EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. This picture is Elle trying to put the paper in her mouth!!

Friday was Elle's 4 month check up. We are happy to report that ALL is well! Elle is wieghing in at 13lbs. 7oz. (50%), she is 25 inches long (75%) and her head measured in the (25%)....she is LONG and skinny!

Naked baby alert! Daddy and Elle waiting for Dr. Stevenson.

More shots at her appointment...OUCH!!!

***WARNING -- Graphic photo below***

Part of Elle's bedtime routine is taking a bath, well Friday night we had our first poop in the tub...and yes I took a picture of it! I was hoping we wouldn't experience this until it was such luck!

Saturday began our weekend festivities, we had family traveling in the yucky winter weather. My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bill, Aunt Missy and Gramma came up to help celebrate Elle's baptism.

Elle was still a little fussy from her shots, so Aunt Cathy thought she would enjoy a little sedative in the form of Miller Lite. Elle seemed to think it was fantastic, look how she is holding the bottle with two hands! And of course it went straight to her she did get any beer!!!!

Sunday was the baptism, look at the paparazzi taking pictures of Elle.

Pastor Kurt welcoming Elle into the family of God.

Elle did so well, no tears or fussing!

Elle is blessed to have two sets of Godparents - Jeff and Sue (on the left) & Amy and Adam!

Four generations - Great Gramma, Elle, Mom, Gramma!

Elle's grandparents!

Once back at our house, it was time to eat!

Great Gramma got to feed Elle her lunch, how precious is this!

Uncle Dave was keeping the kiddos busy, Brock (4) and Aftin (2) wanted to watch Paisley outside. With no shoes on, Uncle Dave picked both of them up!

The yummy cake!

Thank you to all of our family for making Elle's baptism so special. It was so wonderful to see and visit with everyone! We are so lucky to have such a great family!

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