Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yummy Cereal!

This has been an emotional week for me, at Elle's 4month appointment our pediatrician suggested that we let Elle "cry it out" at night, so we tried it. Yes, I said tried it we lasted 5 nights and it was getting worse each night. I didn't feel it was right, Elle NEVER cried at night. She would wake up grunting and become restless, so I knew she was hungry. She would nurse and in 15-20 minutes we were both back in bed and this only happened once a night. Well with her "crying it out" she would wake 3-5 times a night and the crying would last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. David and I have decided that she is not ready...and I am okay with that. She will sleep through the night when she is ready!

Last week, I forgot to mention how special Elle's baptismal gown was. My gramma made it and my cousin Bret wore it! Also the cross necklace was the one that I wore when I was baptized. The gown is so beautiful and pictures don't do it justice!

Tuesday evening, the Jankee's came over for dinner. Lyle and Dave work together and Melissa and I went to Stout together and then taught one year together. Claire LOVES baby toys and thought the Bumbo would be a comfy place to sit!

Not sure if you remember, but while I was still pregnant we had the Jankee's over and Claire was just learning to walk. Paisley licked Claire's face so much that her bangs were wet...well Claire's love for Paisley continues! There was one point when Claire was trying to ride Paisley! :)

Snuggling with Paisley!

On Thursday Dave's Aunts were traveling to the cities to shop with Maureen and stopped to meet Elle on their way! Great Aunt Sue was getting kisses from Elle.

Here are all of sisters (and one sister-in-law) Terry, Patti, Maureen and Sue. Thanks for stopping ladies, it was so nice to see you!

Friday we went to Heather and Finley's house for lunch. Gavin, Maddie, their mom Jill and Finley's Gramma were over for lunch. Elle got to play with that fun teddy bear toy again and Gavin was playing with it too.

Friday we decided to try cereal, our pediatrician told us that we could start it when we thought she was ready. This was another "trick" we tried to help Elle sleep through the such luck. But again, we are OKAY with getting up at night!

See her hand pulling the spoon in...I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough! She seemed to enjoy it and she has now eaten cereal 3 times.

Daddy giving it a shot!

Elle and I hung out at home this weekend, David went back to work and it was to cold an icky to go anywhere. Elle is getting sooooo close to rolling over. On Saturday, she was getting so mad that she couldn't get over! Her bottom half is ready, but that stupid shoulder gets in the way.

Elle was playing and I was starting a grocery list for the week, using this magazine as a hard surface to write on. Elle thought it was very interesting, see her holding it with both hands!

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