Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lots of Visits!

Gramma and Grandpa recently went to Florida and of course had to bring some paraphernalia. The green onsie is from one of our favorite Disney movies, Nemo. It is the seagulls and underneath it says Mine, Mine, Mine!
I had parent teacher conferences two nights this week, which meant Elle and Daddy got to spend some quality time together. As you see below.....

Heather, Avery, Elle and I went for a walk before Heather had to pick up Olivia from "school". When she went to put Avery in the car, she noticed that Jeremy still had the base for the carseat!?!?! So....Avery got to come over and play while Heather went and got Olivia.
Elle and Avery were talking to each other, I tried to get a video but it didn't work. It was so adorable, Elle would babble and Avery would smile at her! I have a feeling those two will be best buddies as they grow up.

Friday morning Elle and I headed over to Putnam to walk with the kindergarteners to the fire station. Before we left, the kids had snack so Elle and I sat down with the kiddos.

The kindergarteners LOVED Elle! She even got to sit in the teacher chair!

Elle sat on Mrs. Tollefson's lap to hear the directions and talk about our behavior on the walk to the firestation.

My class....

Elle and I headed to gramma and grandpa's Friday afternoon. Gramma and I started our Christmas shopping on Saturday. After the long ride over we went for a walk up to the end of the road before it got dark.

Elle loves to play on her playmat every morning (she will play for 20-30 mintues some days). Well, Saturday morning she got to play with grandma and grandpa!

Elle and her grandpa are best buddies! Elle had pulled her bow out of her hair, so grandpa thought he would try it...I think it is a good look!

Saturday afternoon, we walked next door to meet Harrison. Gretchen and Dave (Gretchen was like my sister growing up, and lived next door) welcomed their second son Harrison on October 6. It is so amazing how much they change in a short three month period...look at the difference in the two!

Grandpa took both babies, he thought it would be good practice for when the twins arrive! :)

Saturday night the Oconto Falls High School volleyball team hosted Regional finals. This was my second time in the high school since I graduated and they remodeled...notice the nice gymnasium (I never had a gym like this to play in). The OFHS team dominated and won the first 3/5 games. It fun to watch as the coach's daughter (who was 3 when I was a senior on the team) starts as a freshman and is a killer outside hitter! They are on to sectionals next weekend, good luck girls!

After church on Sunday, we went to lunch at Thornberry (The country club that our wedding reception was held at.) and got a wood fired pizza...yummmy! Sorry for the dark picture, the wall of windows didn't help, but the view is amazing!

We stopped in the pro shop at Thornberry to look for Elle's Christmas gift. I think she found one that she liked!

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