Monday, October 11, 2010


Well, it has been three weeks since I have updated the blog and boy have we been busy. I continue to take full advantage of my leave!!! These pictures date back to the end of September!!! YIKES.

It is that time of year, time to pack away the swimsuits, shorts, sun dresses and newborn size clothing!! It was so sad to pack this stuff away, some of which she only wore once or twice!! Soon, I will be packing away more 3 month sized short sleeves. It is time to admit that winter is coming....urgh!

This is just me taking pictures, while I was waiting for an apple crisp to bake. I was thinking I wouldn't have that many pictures for the blog...well who would have known that I wouldn't update it for 3 weeks!?!?! Elle does look completely adorable though...

Elle and I got up very early one morning (I can't even remember what day of the week of was, it was so long ago) to visit Daddy at work. Since Daddy goes to work when it is my bed time, we decided to go in the morning.

Baseball playoffs started and with the Twins winning their division it is only appropriate that Elle wear her baseball gear. Check out the head band that Elle's Great Aunt Sue North got for her! Poor girl is going to have more sports apparel then dresses...

Elle and Daddy were cheering for the Twins! If it wasn't for those stupid Yankees, she might still be wearing her Twins gear... :(

Elle is ALL about sitting up and looking around, so we thought we would get out her excersaucer. She was very interested in all of the toys and sounds that they make.... but the poor girls toes turn blue because she is just a little to short! We put a pillow underneath now (which I am sure is not recommended by the company) and she is able to play with the toys.

Saturday October 2, we were off to the cities to help Auntie Amy register for the babies! We went to Babies-R-Us and Target. Elle is so excited for her two new cousins!

Sunday October 3rd, we went back to the cities, this time to visit a pumpkin patch with Brock and Aftin. Look at mommy's little pumpkin! (She is in the Bjorn and I am kneeling behind the cutout)

We took a hay ride around the pumpkin patch. As you can see by the excitement on Coach's face...we actually sat on hay, not hay bails...just plain old hay! We all agreed that it wasn't the most comfortable ride!!!!

There were lots of different things for kids to do, and places for parents to take pictures. We rearranged a few pumpkins in the trailer for the perfect photo op. Elle was okay with this idea for a little bit, then she had enough!

Grandma Maureen found this adorable pumpkin hat for Elle!

Elle and Daddy went to check out the animals...Elle wasn't having it. I will give her the fact that they did stink...BADLY!

Finally, we got a group shot (minus Grandma Maureen-the photographer and Papa Coach).

Monday October 4th was gramma's birthday, so we decided to surprise her. David and I packed up the car and headed east. Thanks to grandpa, we got gramma in the back of the house where she couldn't see out the front window. David put Elle on the front step, rang the door bell and ran away. Gramma comes to the door and says..."There's a baby at the door!" Then she cried!

It had been a few weeks since gramma or grandpa had seen Elle, so they made up for lost time. Elle was full of stories for grandpa!

We brought grandma some of her favorite cupcakes with butter cream frosting! We are not sure what happened, but when it was time to sing to gramma one cupcake was missing??? I guess it is one of those "gramma secrets"!

Because we only went for the night, and I didn't want to pack up EVERYTHING for Elle we decided she could take her first sink bath. I think she looks so much bigger and older in this picture! Thankfully, she loved it!

Elle can be a stubborn little girl (no idea where she got that from!) and needs to take a little nap before bath time. Some night she will not give in and close her eyes, so David and I end up walking around the house with her.

David and I have been shopping for bedroom furniture for ourselves and on Thursday the 7th we headed back to the cities once again. We met Grandma Maureen and Papa Coach for lunch at DaVanni's. Our trip was successful and our new bedroom furniture will be delivered in early November!

Now we are onto last weekend, it was girls weekend for mommy! Elle, Paisley and I packed up the car and headed back to Oconto Falls for the second time that week. This girls weekend was at Kelly Lake, Chloe's sister-in-law owns a beautiful home on the lake!

This girls weekend involved kids too. Chloe and I are still nursing so the babies were with us all weekend and then the grandmas brought up some of the older kids on Saturday.

So we were sitting around talking about the Bret Farve scandal and Shelly went to get her iPad to look something up. Chloe asked..."Is that your phone?" (Sorry Chloe) We were ALL crying we were laughing so hard.

As most girls weekends go, we end up in the kitchen by ALL of the food. It was a great weekend with lots of laughing and TONS of food!

Saturday afternoon we invited the mom's up for a visit and dinner. They don't see each other that often, so it is was nice for them to visit too!

Here is a group shot of everyone who was in attendance. We had quite the group for Saturday night dinner. Thank you everyone for a great weekend and thank you Chloe for allowing us to use the Lake House!

It is now Monday October 11th and Elle is three months old! It is so hard to believe...

On Wednesday the 13th, I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Gramma came over to take me to my appointment and take care of Elle. The procedure went very quickly and I am doing great. When I look at this picture I look so miserable, but I actually thought I was smiling....

To end our week, we had two kid birthday parties...both were John Deer themed parties! Here is the birthday boy Brock, who turned four on October 13th!

Let's hope I don't get this far behind again...

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