Monday, September 27, 2010

No News is Good News

Lack of motivation on Sunday makes this post a day late. The title of this blog is the perfect description for the week. We spent lots of time just hanging out at home. It was a week of quiet family time, which was nice for a change.

Last Sunday we ventured to the Eau Claire Apple Orchards with our neighbors Heather, Jeremy, Olivia and Avery. It was a gorgeous afternoon to be outside. You have to look really close to see David IN the tree picking apples.

You could say it was "slim pickings"...we recruited Olivia to be the official apple picker, since ALL of the good apples were too high for us to reach!

David and I like to make sure we stuff out bag full of apples, well this year the bag was so full they were falling no carrying the bag by the handle.

Elle loves to stand (when you are holding her) and look around. She doesn't like to be cradle, unless she is really tired. Daddy thought it would be fun to watch her stand on the couch....she is a strong little girlie!
...And then we crash

Elle continues to LOVE her swing, she also LOVES her Lion. Look how she is cuddling him while she naps...adorable!

Look how long our baby is, she is getting so big!

We did meet up with friends Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I again get an F for picture taking. No pictures of Wednesday and only one from Thursday and Friday (and Heather took it!) Wednesday we met Melissa, Claire and the two "busy" children she watches at Owen Park to play. It was a chilly morning, but nice to get out of the house.

Thursday was the day of RAIN. (I was so thankful that I wasn't teaching...indoor recess ALL day!! YUCK) Heather, Finley, Elle and I joined the seniors in the community at the mall for a walk! Okay, there were other mom's there too, but I think we were out numbered by popcorn heads! :) After a number of laps around the mall, we stopped at the toys so Finley could play.

He is getting to be such a big boy and will go down the slide all by himself.

Friday morning, 5 moms and kids met at the Sports center. Everyone else uses the sports center to burn off some energy before nap time...well for this mom (who carries her child in the bjorn) it is a social time. Again it gets us out of the house and a little adult conversation for me!

We had our third wedding since Elle was born on Saturday. Another baseball guy got married right here in E.C. Grandma Maureen came to watch Elle and Brad stopped by to see how big Elle has gotten. Look at that crazy hair...

It's that time of year again, David and I don't really talk on Sundays. But we have decided that we will not be making that decision for Elle, so she has apparel for both teams. I found a Viking outfit this week, and when I bought it I felt it was necessary to explain why I was buying "purple". Like the checkout lady really cared!?!?!

A few things about our 2 1/2 month old:

  • She is officially in 0-3 month clothing
  • She is now is size 2 diapers
  • She LOVES to talk to you, especially first thing in the morning.
  • She smiles ALL the time
  • She loves to sit up and look around (She sat in her bumbo for 15 minutes the other day)
  • She is only getting up twice a night 3am and 6am and sleeps for about a 5 hour stretch

I have really been enjoying my time at home and keep reminding bad we haven't won the lottery yet!

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