Friday, September 17, 2010

Tour of WI

Elle and I are taking full advantage of my maternity leave. This week, we took a trip to Racine and Kenosha. My gramma, aunts, uncles and cousins all live down there and we don't get down there often. My parents were in E.C. for Marie's wedding, so my mom and I headed to Racine and my dad took Paisley with him to Oconto Falls. Poor David was left home alone until Thursday!

Our first stop (and hotel accomodations) was at my gramma's. The picture below is of four generations, gramma just absolutely LOVED having Elle at her house. Elle and great gramma had some great conversations and lots of cuddles during our visit.

Mariana (my cousin's daughter) is turning ONE!!! We couldn't make the party, so we gave her, her present early. I apparently am a bad photographer because I never got a picture of the actual present. It was a radio flier wagon, stroller and ride on toy - a 3 in 1 deal.

On Monday, my Aunt Amy dyed gramma's hair and my hair. Elle sure likes going to the salon! Thanks Aunt Amy, I love my hair!

Elle setting her hair color...J/K! But is made fore a cute picture. Sooner or later I am going to have to allow someone to trim her hair, as I was asked again today if she had wig on....seriously!?!?

Monday afternoon, we got in the car (again) and headed to visit my dad's side of the family. Our first stop was at Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam's house. Pam was babysitting their grandson Riley. Riley will be 2 very soon and is a busy little guy (who didn't have a nap that day). It was so great to see you guys, thanks for the visit!

After Mike and Pam's, we were off to my cousin's house. Jeff and Janel offered to have the family over for dinner. Their two girls were sooo excited to see "the baby". Taylor is now a first grader and Brooke is three, niether could get enough of Baby Elle. Brooke even offered Elle her blanket, that's huge for a three year old!

Uncle Bill took his turn too, I think he managed to hold Elle for about 5-10 seconds.....

Elle was once again spoiled rotten! She got lots of clothes and a few new toys. Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts, you all were too kind!

Chloe (a kindergartener) took her turn will Elle. As you can see from the picture, Elle had enough of being "passed around" she was ready for some snuggling.

One of the reasons for the trip besides just visiting was to get the family baptismal gown. The gown was made from my dad's grandmother's veil. Once we had the gown and held it up to Elle, we have come to the conclusion that she will be too big...bummer. But my gramma made a gown that a few of my cousins wore, and so Elle will wear that one. At least we came home with a gown that will fit her! :)

Our tour of Wisconsin ended when I brought gramma home to Oconto Falls. It was a great trip and so nice to see everyone! I loved the fact that we didn't have to rush home on Sunday to go to work on Monday! I could really get used to this being home thing....

Elle took a bath at gramma and grandpa's and look what she decided to do...while I was washing her back she straightened her legs and stood right up! Look at that baby butt!!

Thursday morning Elle and I got in the car for the last leg of our tour...back to Eau Claire. Once we were home and unpacked, I needed to stretch my legs and Paisley was spoiled by my dad (he walked her twice a day) we decided to take a nice LONG walk.

With the three of us back together again, we ended the weekend by celebrating our neice's second birthday. Aftin loves Minnie Mouse, so it was a Minnie themed party. She is too cute and getting so big, so fast! Happy 2nd Birthday Aftin!

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