Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho and a Happy New Year!

We drove over to my parents house for Christmas Eve and stayed through Sunday. It was great to be home for a couple of days. We had quite the drive over, hitting snow, sleet and rain. The roads were "okay" mostly just wet, it took us our normal 3 hours to get there. We hope anyone who had to travel got there safely and enjoyed their time with family!

David and I began our Christmas by exchanging gifts with each other before heading to Oconto Falls. Baby Rueber bought both of us a few gifts. Daddy got this adorable onsie that says "My Daddy is #1". His comment was..."It is sooo small". My thought, well I hope it is that small, I don't have room for anything "bigger". Daddy also got a book "Just Daddy and Me" Mommy got, the softest baby blanket in my favorite colors, chocolate brown and green! If Baby R doesn't like it, I will use it!

David and I after church Christmas Eve at my parents house.

David was very sleepy Christmas Eve. We put in a movie and he was out about 5 minutes into the movie! He had worked the night before, drove 3 hours (because of the roads), and only got about 3 hours of sleep before Church.

Here is my parents tree with ALL of the gifts just waiting to be opened! And to think we set a budget this year...sure doesn't look like we cut back. Many of you know that it takes us a LONG time to open gifts. We go around, youngest to oldest, opening one gift at a time! It only took us 3 1/2 hours this year!!!!

Paisley was overly excited about gifts....not really. She laid on her bed for almost the whole gift opening...remember it only took us 3 1/2 hours!

We had a special visitor shortly after Christmas, my Grandma Zielke! My parents picked her up and drove to Eau Claire/Menomonie to see our houses for Christmas! We went to Adam/Amy's house Tuesday night for dinner. Grandma and my parents stayed overnight at our house Tuesday and Wednesday I brought Grandma to see my classroom. It was great to see her over the holidays and especially to have her at our houses! Thanks for making the LONG trip Grandma, Love you!

Baby Update:

We are currently 13 weeks (this time for real!), which means we are starting our second trimester! I am very thankful for the restful winter break that I have had and hopefully it will help we transition back to work with more energy!

Baby R. is currently the size of a medium shrimp, and about 3 inches long. Baby R. now has fingerprints on his/her tiny fingers!

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