Monday, April 30, 2012


Elle started gymnastics the week before Easter.  The age range is 18 months-5 obviously Elle's age is a parent/tot class.  She is the youngest in the WHOLE group!  Let's just say she L.O.V.E.S. it!!!  

Each week they do two different apparatuses,  Elle's favorite is the bean and of course trampoline!  Here she goes, off the vault.

They are supposed to hop down the trampoline, but Elle runs FULL SPEED with a huge smile on her face!

On to Easter celebrations...
Gramma and Grampa came over for Easter and the kids were spoiled! Elle knows exactly what to do with a present, she ripped right into hers!

Her own t-ball set!  
The boys got swings and Elle thought she should try them out...goofy girl!
These two were not feeling well and all they wanted was Grampa!  Poor Grampa ended up sick the next week!
Elle giving Ashton a ride...not sure that is meant for a big kid?!?!
Easter Sunday we headed to Fanny Hill for the third year in a row!  They  have a delicious brunch and a gorgeous few!

Not often do we get a family picture.

Papa Coach and Grandma Maureen joined us this year!
After brunch we headed home to see what the Easter bunny left. 
Lots of books, bubbles, a puzzle and
Elle's very own wheelbarrow!  She thought it would be a good idea to ride in it? 
Our last Easter celebration was this past weekend at Papa Coach's and Grandma Maureen's.  Each year the Easter Bunny hides lots and lots of eggs.  This year, each kid had to find 51 eggs (and no I did NOT reverse the numbers...5-1, 51!)
Youngest to Oldest : Elle, Aftin, Brock, Jenna, Courtney, Josh, Megan holding baby Easton. 

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