Monday, April 9, 2012


Elle has decided that we need to take a trip somewhere warm EVERY.SPRING!  She was a very good traveler (I was a nervous wreck!)...but both there and back she did great and even slept a little on the plane!  

Grandma and Grandpa had been in Florida the week before we got there, and were ready for a little person to invade!  Elle was so excited to see "Papa", and had to check everything out....

We went swimming right.away.

She was in love!!!
We had a two bedroom villa and Elle got used to the king size tub in Gramma and Grampa's room!
We spent ALL of our days by the pool soaking up the sun and splashing in the pool.

Every night the resort has a bon fire and kids can roast marshmallows and make s'mores.
There was live music...his name...Scott Walker...
Actually he was really, really good!

Dancing with Papa.
It was St. Patty's Day our first full day.  So Elle was wiped from swimming all day and Daddy...well he was wiped too...but I don't think it was from swimming?!?!?
She wore an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny yellow polka dot bikini! 

Hi Gramma!  Our room overlooked the pool area.
Breakfast of champions!

It was hard to pack, especially for a very busy toddler!  But I did manage to get in her baby and stroller.  So one night we went for a walk...
Elle's baby even got tired of being in her stroller.
She must have had a poopy diaper....

This little girl was checking out Elle's bucket!

Elle was doing my hair...
yeah, it didn't feel all that great!
Entertaining ourselves in the villa.
The three of us ventured out to Downtown Disney one night.  Lego Land was fun!

We went for a carousel right...and when it stopped Elle went "more, more"! 

We went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner....

Elle was TERRIFIED of this elephant...and his trunk almost touched our table!  And she HATED the rain storm!  I think we will wait a couple years before trying again!

More pool fun!

Ummm.....fountain fun?!?

Daddy and Elle built a sand castle...

that only lasted about 2 second!

While Daddy golfed we went to the indoor play area!

The view from our room at night!
Elle and Daddy trying to shoot me with the canon.
She had to bring Mickey swimming!

Elle and Grampa enjoying our last full day...which was the warmest and best day of the whole trip!

Soaking up the sun...
Elle was the designated "elevator button pusher".
Grampa taught Elle how to jump when the elevator started.
Our last night, we went to the resorts golf course for dinner...yummy!
Elle showed Grampa how an iphone works!
Last night snuggles!
Overall, it was a great trip!  I loved getting away and sitting by the pool everyday!  Elle took 2.5 hour naps everyday and slept from 8-8 each night! 

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