Monday, April 9, 2012


Elle and I were home today...she was sick!  So I got lots done, 4 loads of laundry and 2 blog posts!  Be sure to read our post from Spring Break below!

Spring sure has arrived early this year and we are loving it!   We took a trip last weekend to Govin's to see the baby chicks and lambs.  Elle was in heaven, she loved ALL of the animals!


The boys met us there too!
We had to be sure to hold the chicks carefully.  At one point Elle tried to squeeze it to death and Dave said "I think we will be buying one of these chicks before we leave!"

The mama sheep were very hungry and were looking for food!

Elle even got to hold a baby lamb!

Group photos...why do we even try?!!???

Elle was even more in heaven when she saw the dogs!

We debated and debated about the pony ride.  Elle kept asking, but Dave and I were both afraid she would get on and want off right away.  Well she proved both of us wrong!

Again, when she got off she asked for "more, more"!

It was a fun weekend, and we will have to make this a yearly trip.

I'm almost caught up...going to work on Easter next! :)  Thanks for checking in!

Be sure to check out our post from Spring Break!!  

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