Thursday, March 25, 2010

Six months

It has been awhile since I have posted...sorry! It has been a busy few weeks at home and school.

Two weeks ago, I headed to the cities for a morning of baby shopping. I took along my shopping partner Maureen (my mother-in-law). We headed to USA Baby to buy the furniture for the nursery. We were the second people in the parking lot waiting for the BIG sale, and we were the first in the door (a few elbows were thrown...jk). That day we went home with a crib, and mattress. The dresser, nightstand and bed rails (to turn crib to a toddler bed and full size bed) are ordered and will arrive shortly before Baby Rueber! That is enough to this mom-to-be nervous...but I keep telling myself that everything will be okay.

With the crib at home, I was so anxious to get it put together and to have the nursery start to look like a nursery. So this past weekend we began that project. Dave found it to be a bigger project than expected. In his words..."I don't like weekends that you are home, you make me work to hard!" Gotta love the "Honey to do lists"!

We started with the closet. Of course, Paisley has to be a helper!

Here is the finished (almost) project. We love the organizer so much we are thinking about buying one for our room too!

Then it was onto the crib. I loved the crib in the store and I am in love with it even more now that it is put together in our house!

Here we are with the crib all together.

Baby Update:

25 weeks pregnant

Baby Rueber is approximately 13 1/2 inches long, weighing about one and a half pounds. He/she is now adding weight, trading the long and lean look for a more newborn baby look.

Reality check: We only have one more Dr. appointment before we begin our every other week appointments...YIKES! Are we really that close?!?!

Last but not least...our first born Paisley turned ONE on March 16th. As you can see she really loved the birthday hat that I got her...

Happy Birthday Paisley!

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  1. Beautiful crib!!!! So excited for you guys :)

    Emily Straw