Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rest and Relaxation!

Week 22 (5 1/2 months) brings us just past half way and David was finally able to feel Baby R. kick! He was so excited and so was I.

This weekend we took some time for ourselves and got massages. This was Dave's first time, and he was nervously excited! I was so excited to finally lay on my belly again! I actually told my therapist that I was going to buy a massage liked it too. Baby R. instantly started kicking once I was on my belly.

We really enjoyed our time at Lotus Spa and made sure to rest and relax the rest of the day!

Baby Update:

Baby Rueber is weighing in at approximately one pound! Just a few more to go...I hope.
(six more would be great!)

Baby Rueber is the size of a papaya this week...I sure have learned about a variety of fruits and veggies with this pregnancy!

Baby R. sure has developed sleep patterns, I have noticed kicking/boxing is more frequent during different times of the day. He/She loves to be awake in the evening between 7 and 8pm and usually around 1-2 in the afternoon. I love those gentle reminders of my baby, I know they won't be so gentle later on!

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