Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a...

This was our big week...week 21 we had our ultrasound and got to see our little peanut again.

I was given strict instructions before this appointment (as all women are when they go in for their ultra sound). Come with a full bladder! So that meant ALL I could think about was going to the bathroom but had to keep drinking water! Yeah, that doesn't work so well...but glad to say there were no accidents! :)

There were very quick to call me back and get things rolling. I was very lucky to be accompanied by Dave and my mom! My mom was amazed how things have changed from when she had an ultrasound with me in her belly. Thanks for making the trip mom!

A profile shot of our little peanut! Baby R. was pretty cooperative throughout most of the must have been nap time.

This one kind of creeps me out, Baby R. is looking right at you!

Here is Baby Rueber's little foot!

And now for the answer you have all been waiting for...

IT'S A.......

Come on, did you really think we were going to find out and then TELL EVERYONE!!!

Absolutely Not!

As I said before, Baby R. was really cooperative throughout most of the ultrasound, until the end when it was time to check "those" parts. We were NOT looking at the screen while the tech was looking, but she could not get a clear view. She did say that she thinks she knows based on gender specific traits?!? This makes us even more anxious to meet our little one!

So what do you think, boy or girl???