Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

26 weeks -- Baby Rueber is about 1 2/3 pounds and approximately 14 inches long. I can tell that he/she is growing, the kicking/punching is getting stronger and stronger each day.

This week I have been having some round ligament pain. It has been pretty bad and really, really annoying. But again, this pregnancy has been treating me really well so I can't complain too much!

Look how nice that belly looks with a shirt to cover it...

WOW...look at that BIG belly without a shirt to cover it!

I was on Spring Break this last week, and had a very productive week!

On Monday, I met my parents in Wausau to do the mother swap, I brought my mom back to my house for the week. My mom came to help with all different kinds of baby stuff. One of our first projects was to hang the valance in the nursery.

While my mom (grandma) was here, she got to feel the baby kick! It is so exciting to share that wonderful feeling with others!

Wednesday and Thursday were our big baby days. Wednesday I registered at Target and had two great partners (sorry no pictures) my mom and Heather! Thank you so much Heather for all of your help. Thursday my mom and I got up and headed to MN to pick up Maureen. We were off to Babies R Us, look at that WALL of pacifiers/bottles. Seriously, there are so many choices for everything. Thank you to everyone for their help!

Heather, Finley, Paisley and I got in a bunch of walks this week. We had to take advantage of the nice spring (almost summer like) weather.

My Dad made the trip over Saturday morning and had something special in the car, a bassinet! This is a special gift that we will share with my brother and Amy when it is their turn for a little peanut.

The boys (and Paisley) working hard to put it together.

Thank you for the gift mom and dad!

Happy Easter! Sunday we went to brunch at Fanny Hill in Eau Claire. This was something new for our family, but we really enjoyed it! Maybe we have started a new tradition!

Easter would not be complete with out the lamb cake. We had the skinniest lamb ever this year, but it still tasted just as great!

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