Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mama got a new ride!

Let the countdown begin...

Baby Rueber's arrival approximately - 10 1/2 weeks
Summer vacation - 31 school days!

Two weeks ago (at 28 weeks), I had my glucose test. I was nervous because my mom had gestational diabetes and that increases my chances of having it as well. I am glad to report that I PASSED! I do NOT have gestational diabetes...even after I ate all of those skittles! :) My iron is low, so I am taking two iron pills a day. I know that this is rather common, so I am not too concerned. We just want a healthy baby!

We are now in the "home stretch", we have entered the third trimester. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and I continue to feel good. I may not be moving as quickly as normal and I get worn out more easily (just ask Heather!) Baby Rueber is kicking, punching, and rolling ALL the time. He/she also gets hiccups often...that is so crazy to me!

Baby Stats:
Baby R. is approximately 2.5 -2.75lbs. and measuring around 15 inches long. His/her muscles and lungs continue to mature. (Mom sure can feel the muscles maturing) During the third trimester about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited into Baby Rueber's hardening skeleton each day!

We had visitors over this week for a grill out. Lyle, Melissa and Claire came over Wednesday night for dinner. We haven't seen each other since before Christmas (and live in the same city), it was so great to see the three of them! Claire has grown soo much and is an absolute doll! Paisley loves kids...but Claire LOVED Paisley! Claire would bat her hands and Paisley would lick them and/or Claire's face. At one point Claire's bangs were wet from all of the Paisley kisses. It was too funny.

On to the title of the blog -

Car seat + stroller + dog + dog kennel= no room for Mom and Dad in the car! This weekend we traded in my car for a family vehicle. Yes, we broke down and bought a mini van.....

Just kidding, we bought an SUV and love it! It will give us the extra space necessary for all of the baby (and dog) gear that we will haul when visiting family.

It was sad to say goodbye to my Galant as it was the the first vehicle that I purchased...I will miss my sporty car, but will enjoy the extra room of the Endeavor!

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