Monday, October 22, 2012

Introducing...Elise May

SHE is HERE!  Elise May was born Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 7:47pm.  She looks just like her big sister, a full head of hair and full cheeks!

I won't make this long, I know all you want is to see the baby! :)  My water starting "leaking" Tuesday morning (same thing happened with Elle).  I called labor and delivery around 9:30am, and explained my story - they wanted me to come in a get checked.  I decided to call before a "big gush" and before David went to sleep for the day, as it was his work week.  Once there, the nurse was almost 100% positive it was my water, but sent it to the lab to be checked for came back positive as amniotic fluid!  We were there to stay.
It is now around 11:30 and they wanted me to eat, since I hadn't had anything since 6am (I was shocked, they were letting me eat!).  After lunch they started the pitocin...I was worried as I was put on pitocin with Elle.  This time around, it really helped!  Strong contractions began around 3:30 every 2-4 minutes.  I got relief by 4:30 and was complete by 5:45!  
When the doctor checked me at 5:45 and told me I was complete, she said there is one thing...I have to go and do a surgery at 6pm.  You can go ahead and I will call in the on-call midwife or you can wait.  Being that I have NEVER seen a midwife, that made me nervous.  We decided to wait.
It is now 7:10 and I got really emotional, thinking that we could have already met our baby!  I was ready to go and didn't care who was in the room.  Well, the doctor was done with surgery and gave our nurse the green light and she would be right up. 
I started pushing at 7:30 and at 7:47 Elise May came into our lives!

Wierd angle of the picture, but she is getting her footprints done!
Daddy looking at his beautiful daughter.
Already - not even 10 minutes into this world and he is wrapped around her little finger!

Welcome to our family Elise!  Love you!
Her first bath...

She LOVES to be swaddled!

Elise got lots of snuggles in the hospital from Daddy! 
And Grandma Maureen.
Grandma Maureen was a HUGE help.  She picked Elle up from daycare Tuesday, stayed over night with her and dropped her off Wednesday.  Thank you for being "on-call" and taking wonderful care of our "Big Sister"!

Elle came to meet Elise Wednesday after daycare.  But before she could meet Elise, she had to open the presents from Paulette (Elle's daycare mommy).
Time to meet her sister.  She wasn't so sure...

But eventually warmed up to her and is a great helper!

Our family!
Elle was spoiled along with Elise!  She LOVED the "Big One Colors" from Hadley and Finley! 
Daddy and his girls...

Enjoying mom's queen size hospital bed!  We had a wonderful experience in the new OB unit!  It was beautiful.

Grampa and Gramma came over Thursday to meet Elise!  Grampa LOVES his grand babies!

Gramma only cried 4 times during her visit!  NOT too bad!  Looking great mom, so glad you could come over to meet the newest member of the family!

                                                                         More presents!

It was gramma's birthday on the 4th, so we had a gift for her too!  Can you tell WHO opened the present??? Gramma or Elle????
Check out our view - both in the delivery room and postpartum!

Elle is such a good helper!  Getting Elise ready to go home.

Our family of FOUR headed home...

His hands are full!
We no longer can take any passengers!  We have a full car!

Uncle Adam came over to visit - the rest of his family were sick!  Thanks for the visit Adam...we caught up with Auntie Amy later!  Elise still needs to meet her cousins in person - face time just isn't the same!  Maybe this weekend!
We ordered pizza before Gramma and Grampa had to head back home!
LOVING being a big sister!

Our first night at home...didn't go so well!  Elise was too cold down stairs.  We ended up sleeping on the couch.  Elle woke up at 4 am and then went down stairs with Daddy to sleep.  We have had much better nights ever since...Thank goodness!

Elise had a visit with Dr. Stevenson on Friday (Elle went to daycare).  She is a happy healthy girl here are her stats when compared to other children her age.  She weighted 6lbs 12oz (16%), 19.5 inches (25%) and her head is 32.9cm (5%)!  So she is itty bitty compared to others, but same as her big sister!
Friday we took Elise with to pick up Elle.  She was very proud to show her off, but made sure EVERYONE knew it was "ELLE'S ELISE!"
ALL of the kids loved the new baby.  Not sure what Elle will think once Elise gets to stay with her!  I think she will be very protective...hopefully in a good way!

The swing needed new batteries, so Elle helped "fix" it.  She was pounding, and pounding on it.  Not sure who she has seen fix anything like that?!?!

Elise's first bath at home!

Elle again - loving to be a helper! 

Great picture Daddy!
Elle's lap, Elle's lap.  We hear it about 100 times a day!  So glad she is happy to be a big sister.
We surprised Brock and showed up at his 6th birthday party!  Jenna was SO excited to meet baby Elise.  She called us in the hospital to congratulate us!  She is too cute!
Aftin snuggling with Elise!
Papa Bill meeting Elise for the first time.  Elise is Papa Bill's 5th grandchild.

1. How is Elle handling Elise?
She is doing really well.  We are seeing the same "two-year old" behaviors we had before Elise came.  Only twice has she tried to lash out at Elise and it is because WE told her to do something and she didn't wan to...typical!
2. How are the nights going?
Great!  Elise usually eats around 11pm, 1-2am, 5-6am.  Not too bad, when I can get 2-3 hour stretches of sleep in between feedings I feel pretty good.  
3. Did you get a sub?
Yes, Monday October 8th we interviewed and hired a sub!  She was suppose to shadow me Wednesday, but instead it was her first day on the job!  She was literally thrown into it, but is doing great!
4. When do you go back to work?
I am taking off through winter break and will return when the kids come back on January 2, 2013.
5. Is Elle staying home or continuing to go to daycare?
Elle is continuing to go to daycare.  I want that special, quality mother/daughter bonding time with Elise and it is hard to do that with a two year old in the mix!
6. Does her name have meaning?
Well, her middle name does.  It is the month that David and my birthdays are.  After Elise was born I learned that it is my Gramma's middle name!  Now it has even more meaning! :)
7. Are you going to try for a boy?
The million dollar of now NO.  We are so happy to have two healthy girls and want to enjoy them to the fullest!

Thank you to all that have sent their words of congrats, gifts and meals!  We are so lucky to have so many kind and caring people in our lives!  We can't wait to share our little ladies with all of you!

Thank you for checking in!  I hope to have another post of our first two weeks at home soon! 

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  1. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl Melissa!! She is gorgeous and your little family is adorable! Wish I could come visit and meet your girls! MUCH LOVE!