Sunday, October 7, 2012

FALL is HERE and Baby will be soon...

 Fall is here, the warm weather is gone and we will be having a baby...any day now! :)

 We met up with the boys last weekend for a beautiful morning at the pumpkin patch.  We headed to Adam/Amy's house (for maybe the last time before they move) for lunch and Elle made these fun pumpkin treats!
Elle L.O.V.E.D. the bounce houses, she would have been okay staying in one the entire time!

Elle was trying to convince Aiden to come in...
It worked, but only for a minute or two!  Aiden was a little unsure, Ashton was too tired from his night of partying! :)
More hay to climb up,
and slides to go down!
Just checking it out, she never did go in.  Which really is okay, I didn't want to have to go in after her.
Ashton and Aiden went in and they were peeking at them.
Choo, Choo!  Two cute train engineers!
And she is off, to see what else there is to explore.
There was a petting zoo...
with boxer puppies!!!  Elle would have taken one home if we let her.  David asked if we could and I quickly reminded him that we have our own little "puppy" due any day! :)  No  need for more!

A miniature horse...just Elle's size!
Monkey, trying to get a closer look.
The pumpkin patch has a HUGE play ground.
One, two three...

Our last stop, was the wagon ride out into the fields where we will cut Christmas trees in a few months!
Photography by Elle,
And another, not to bad!
It was a beautiful, warm Fall day!  Look at all of those fall colors!!  Thanks for joining us at the pumpkin patch Adam, Amy, Ashton & Aiden!

Just a little light reading.  Elle is not fully trained, but when home she is usually in big girl undies.  With the arrival of #2 any day, we have not pushed it!  We will encourage it, but expect some regression with the baby.  Maybe Christmas time we will go "all out"! :) 
Elle put on her lipstick...or jelly!
Brrr....we went from 70's Monday/Tuesday to 40's Friday!  Time for hats and mittens...but that doesn't stop our outside girl from swinging and playing!

Saturday, we went to see Finley play soccer!  He is the one running to kick the ball.  It was a chilly morning, (about 40 degrees), but we were glad we could make a game.  Soon Elle will be able to participate in some type of activity.
Sunday, was a busy day (for me).  Thanks to Maureen, I was able to run some "last minute" errands and get the "last minute" items for baby.  Thank you for playing with Elle and cleaning my house! :)  We are so lucky!
In between all of the baby prepping, Elle painted...

herself for the most part!  See mom.
And her tummy....

Mom...cheese please (meaning take a picture)

Then we moved from the easel to the counter to use the rollers.

Cheese please...what's with the arms behind her back??? Weirdo! ;)

Baby update: 12 days until baby's due date.

As I mentioned above, I was busy today trying to get the "last minute stuff" done. 
 So what did I get done?  
ALL of baby's blankets, sheets, clothes are washed folded and put away.  
Car seat base is installed in my car.
Bottles are sanitized. ( I plan to nurse, but now they are ready)
Purchased baby books. (for both genders)
Put "last minute" things in my hospital bag.
The only thing left to get is a SUB for my class!  Still no sub....trying not to worry!  What can I do?!?!

I held parent/teacher conferences two weeks early, as my due date is the Friday of conferences...I didn't want to risk it!  I had two LONG days/nights at school, but glad that I was able to give parents some meaningful information on how their children have adjusted to first grade.  

I felt great until about dropped!  I am officially waddling or as a colleague said - you look ready Melissa, you are walking with wider hips...I guess that was her nice was of saying you are waddling!  Really, do you think I didn't realize it and would walk "normal" if I could!?!?!?  There is just so much pressure, that it hurts to lift my leg to put pants on, hurts to cough, laugh, sneeze, sit, okay you get the point.

So with all of the change I was anxiously awaiting my 38 week appointment on Friday.  Dr Rogers checked me and here are the stats...3-4cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby is at station 0 (meaning 1/2 down the birth canal).  Well that would explain ALL of the pressure!  Sorry if that was TMI! :)  Dr. gave me a 50% chance of making it to my next appointment (this Friday).  

So here I am 38 weeks pregnant.  Will we have a baby before the week is over?  

Here is my baby bump at 39 weeks with Elle...I think I am carrying lower this time!

I keep thinking about is this the last weekend as a family of 3?  Is this the last blog post before baby?  I am trying to spend extra special time with Elle as we will soon be a family of 4!  AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH...that is crazy!

Check back soon...

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