Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Pie Please

Tis the season for apple picking!  We headed to one of the local apple orchards with Ashton and Aiden last weekend.  Good thing we went last weekend, too cold this weekend.  Not only did they have apples, but pumpkins too!

Elle was picking up all of the "baby punkins". 

The boys brought their wagon and Elle hitched a ride.  Thanks Uncle Adam for pulling ALL of us!

We were NOT expecting to be able to pick our own apples as they lost 80% of their crop due to weather!  YIKES.  But when we got there, we were able to pick Cortlands (which we all like) we hitched a ride behind the tractor to the orchard.

Everyone helped picked...except we had to keep telling the kids that we do no want the apples on the ground! ;)

Lots of the apples were up HIGH, so Dave picked most...
But of course Elle wasn't far from the action!

Yummy apple!!
After we picked an entire bushel of apples (we will be eating apples through the winter!) we went to play and visit the animals.

Check out the cute bus driver!
And her happy passengers!
And they are off...
chasing each other through the tunnel.

Time to climb...

To the top!
Elle saw the BIG kids swinging on this swing.  She thinks she is a BIG kid and wants to try everything.  We thought she would be able to hold on for a little push.  She kept saying BIG ONE daddy...BIG ONE!

So there she is, holding on tight for her "BIG ONE"!    She would even hold on, jump and wrap her legs around the rope!  I guess she is getting to be a BIG kid...urgh!

The weather cooled off quickly this week, so to keep our outside kid inside, I asked her to help me make apple crisp.  She wasn't sure at first...
 but was completely AMAZED at how it would peel, slice and core the apple!  Daddy was too! :)
 Concentrating really hard on her job.
 We have since eaten that apple crisp and made another one tonight...Baby #2 really enjoys apple crisp! :)

 In other news...MOM is home!!!  They got home late Tuesday night!  Doesn't she look GREAT!  So happy to be home!  Elle and I had planned to go this weekend, but Elle has a runny nose - which is the LAST thing we need to share with Gramma.  So we held off, but face time at least once a day!  Thank goodness for technology!  Can't wait to visit you at home mom!  LOVE YOU!


36 weeks pregnant....only 4 to go!  YIKES...

We are starting our 4th week of school.  Which surprisingly has been going well.  I have felt great, just really tired, (which is typical for this time of year, for any teacher!) until this week.  Wednesday, I had lots of cramping, then again on Friday and today I feel like I have pulled a muscle on my left side in my abdomen and back...not comfortable at all.  I move MUCH slower than normal at school, I am WADDLING  and don't sit on the floor! :)  My students are really good at picking things up when I drop them, why does it seem like I drop things more when I am pregnant. I must just notice it more as it takes so much for effort to pick it up!

I am feeling a little more "ready" for baby.  I still need ALL four weeks to mentally prepare myself, I asked Dave if I could skip all of the labor pains and just snuggle our new baby...guess not.  We tour the new Labor/Delivery wing this week!  Exciting, yet scary - makes it feel even closer. 

We put the closet organizer in few weeks ago and baby's closet has filled up fast.  We have gotten ALL of the baby "stuff" returned from Adam/Amy and Jeff/Sue.  I have quickly forgotten how much "stuff" babies need...well have!

We have also bought a few things: diapers, new blankets, and sheets.  Baby doesn't "need" much...still waiting for furniture to arrive.  Not a big deal as we have the bassinet set up in our room. (Elle slept in our room for 5 months...this one will not!)

 Baby's going home outfits came in...yes same outfit just different colors.  What do you think we will be bringing home?  BLUE OR PINK?  I still don't have a feeling.

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