Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to the Grind!

Well summer is officially over and I am back to work, Elle is at daycare full time (well 3 days a week during Dave's work week).  It has been a pretty good transition, Elle is doing great at Paulette's and drop off continues to get better every day!

We ended the summer with a few fun play dates with Finley and Hadley.  First (pictured above) we met them at the Carson Park trains.  Elle wasn't too sure at first, but once we got going, she loved it...and loved peeking at Finley!

We met up with the Sullivan's again for a morning at the Children's museum.  We didn't go ALL summer because it was so hot and we spent our time at the pool instead.  It is always a good time a the museum and Elle is finally tall enough to enjoy the water works down stairs!

David and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary a day early by enjoying a the theater!  It has been  A LONG time since we have done it.  Then out for a nice dinner and ice cream.  It was a great day out....ALONE!

Then on our actual anniversary we wanted to do something different, but fun.  So we tried the indoor water park.  ELLE LOVED.IT!  She did not want to leave.  We will have to make a few trips this winter!

Dave tried the BIG green goes really fast! See him at the top...
and here he comes!

Back to school, 33 weeks pregnant!

My "other" brother growing up, Matt got married!  (sorry I can't get the print above the pictures)  Elle took the picture above of Amy...we were trying to keep her entertained.  Although, we were trying to keep Elle busy she managed to entertained the entire church.  After a solo, Elle clapped and yelled YEAH!  Then after a prayer, she yelled Uncle Adam!  Good thing there were lots of kids there that were making "sounds" too.

Adam and Gretchen (Matt's sister) stood up together.

Aiden and Elle giving a little love.
More pictures by Elle...look at Aiden sneaking food off of Grampa's plate!
The happy couple!  Congrats Matt and Steph, so glad we were able to celebrate with you!
34 weeks pregnant and heels only last so long.  I brought a pair of wedges to put on when my feet got tired.  So Elle decided to try on mom's heels!

Heading to the dance floor...watching the older kids and staff clear the table.
All clear...time to boogy!
Elle was so fascinated by the lights.

ALL 3 of them laid on the floor at some point.
Elle helped this little girl put her pacifier back in about 10 times!
Dancing their tails was too cute!

see what I mean?!?!?

Dancing with Grampa!

Dancing with mommy...someone was very tired!  Ni-night mommy, is was I was hearing!

Okay mom, one more spin!
Elle and I headed back to the hotel around 10pm.  Not to bad for a 2 year old and a 34 week pregnant mommy!  Daddy stayed back and enjoyed the rest of the reception!

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