Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Long Road....

As many of you know, my mom has been battling a liver disease for years.  She has been on the transplant list for about four years.  The transplant list is more complicated than I ever thought!  It is based on your meld score which has to be at a certain level to put you at the top of the list.  Meaning, you are quite ill before it is "your turn".  Well it was finally mom's turn!  My dad got the call on a Friday night after they spent the afternoon in Door County with us for Adam's birthday!  

My mom has spent the summer in the hospital and rehab center as she fell in June and broke her hip.  The hip surgery was hard on her liver and "helped" raise her meld score to where it needed to be to put her at the top of the list!  A blessing in disguise?!?!

So, on July 28th at about 7:30 mom went in for a new liver... came out 9 hours later with a new lease on life!

This picture was taken about 36 hours after her transplant surgery!!  Can you believe that...sitting up in a chair, smiling!

 Mom spent about two full days in ICU before she was moved to a "regular" room.  More smiles!!  She is so strong!

 Three short  weeks later, she was HOME!  A first since June!  Dad got her a new chair and she is loving it!

Never did I imagine that this is something we would go through as a family.  But I have learned a whole a lot this summer both medically and personally! 

1. I have the most amazing family!  We can handle anything!
2. My mom is such a fighter, never giving up and always trudging forward!
3. My dad is rock and the most amazing husband/dad you could ask for!  Seriously!
4. Hospital food really isn't that bad!
5.Modern medicine combined with the human body is truly AMAZING!

(some of this I already knew, but it was reaffirmed this summer)

We have hit a little bump in the road this week (our first since the transplant).  Mom had a small infection in her hip near the replacement.  The Orthopedic surgeon decided to reopen the incision to check it out and flush it out. When he did they found that the bacteria had reached the prosthetic.  They decided to do a complete redo of her hip replacement, removing any bacteria that may have been stuck to the prosthetic.  So, not what we were hoping for, but...we will get through this!  Like I said before, my mom is the strongest lady I know, always fighting and moving forward.  I know she will be home before we know it!  

Thank you to everyone for your kinds words, thoughts, prayers, cards and flowers!  We all truly appreciate everyone who has helped us through this amazing event in our lives! 

 I have to say a special thanks to my mother-in-law!  She dropped everything to stay with Elle so that I could be with my mom immediately after surgery.   Maureen, I am so lucky to have a mother-in-law who treats like her own daughter!  Thank you!

I also need to thank my husband.  Being pregnant, my hormones have been off the wall - to say the least!  He has always been there to listen, talk or just to hold me!  Thank you David!  I am so lucky to have you as my husband!

Sorry it has taken me a while to update the blog.  I have been back and forth to see my mom along with still chasing a two year old, play dates with friends, trainings for school, doctor appointments for baby and just regular old life!  Thanks for stopping by and checking in!  

Keep reading, I posted an update on our annual camping trip to Door County!

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