Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life as a family of 4

It has been a while....sorry!  We are B.U.S.Y. and I am enjoying my alone time with Elise - snuggling - not blogging! :)

With a newborn in the house, Elle has been feeling the need to try all things baby....
Pacifiers (which we took away at 14 months for her, not sure she evens remembers having one.)

 and Elise's Moses baskets.

Elle continues to be a great big sister!

So proud!!

Lately, Elle has been obsessed with birthdays, birthday cakes and singing Happy Birthday.  She made a birthday cake with play dough.  See the pink cake with blue candle?  She was so proud that she sang Happy Birthday to herself!

We painted and carved pumpkins this year!

Look at the concentration...

The final products.

Elle is teaching Elise lots of tricks...this morning it was peek-a-boo.

Bath time...Look at those cheeks!
What a helper!

"Towel like mommy, Towel like mommy"...hahahahaha!  Such a ham!

All dressed and ready to for the day!  Loving the accessories.

Finley and Hadley brought us dinner one night. Thank you it was delicious!!  

Hadley was checking out the baby her mom was holding.

Finley was so excited to meet Elise (and play with Elle's toys!)

We made little gift bag full of goodies for the twins and Elle got one too.   Look at those cute ghosts!

We headed to Menomonie, to see the "transitional house".  While Adam and Amy build, they are renting a beautiful 3 bed duplex.  We went to visit, play and eat dinner! 

Aiden L.O.V.E.D. holding Elise!!!  Asthon, looked at her, but wasn't all that interested.

Elle made sure the boys knew that was "my Elise"!!!  Yes, Elle we all know she is your sister...could be your twin!

Giddy up!

Opening their Halloween goodies.

Helmets you ask...the week that we went over Aiden had taken a golf club and hit Ashton over the head with it.  So... we came prepared with head gear just in case!  As you can see Aiden had the golf club out again.  No worries, Elle did the hitting this time (on accident)!

Dance party!

This is how Elise spends her days...looking adorable as always.

Elise's furniture came in and what is more fun than a big box?!?!?

And yes, that is me.  The things you do for your kids??!??!

Elise was trying out the play mat.

Elle was making sure Elise saw every toy that was hanging from it.

Time to carve.    Elle was excited, and so was Dave.

And then she touched the inside...."Elle not like it".

So we gave her a spoon to dig with..."Mommy do it?"

So she stirred the "guts" on the table while Daddy cleaned the pumpkins out.

Dave was drawing the faces on the pumpkins before carving and Elle thought that looked like fun!  She didn't even have to touch the pumpkin!  Maybe she will enjoy it more next year!

Daddy did a great job!  Elmo...

Halloween was a lot of fun this year.  Elle didn't get it at first, but then when the first Trick or Treater's came to our house - she was ready to go.  It is exciting to watch how excited she gets with the holidays now that she "gets it".

Elise got this adorable outfit from Auntie Amy... BOO!

Halloween is always cold, so I was glad when I found an owl costume that with fleece pants and hat!  I think this is the last year that I will be able to pick out what Elle is for Halloween...but I still get to for Elise! ;)  

On her way to her first house, our neighbors!

The annual picture with the neighbors -Avery the firefighter and Olivia the fairy bat.

What a cute owl!  With a full bucket of candy we headed back home to pass out our own!

 Mommy snuggling with her girls!  I can't get enough of these snuggles!


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