Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mommy Time!!!!

I am officially on summer vacation and loving all of my time home with Elle and David! Lots of projects and things on my "to do" list, but I am devoted to spending quality time enjoying our family this summer - so if my "to do" list doesn't get done, next summer! :)

Gramma now has the summer off too! We want to say THANK YOU for all of the time you have spent here this last school year! Elle is so LUCKY to have her Gramma be such a big part of her life!! We miss you already Gramma, but we will see you just about every two weeks this summer! ;)

Miss Independent wants to feed herself, so this week we gave her a little bowl with food and a spoon. She knows how to dip the spoon in and then put it in her mouth. Now, how much actually gets in her mouth...not a whole lot. But she LOVES it!

She also loves putting her bottle in the bowl of food....

Elle's newest gig, is to climb in and out of anything and everything. This tub (which usually has blankets in it) is her favorite and she HAS to bring her doggy in with her. It is the funniest thing! She will sit in there for 15 minutes!

Climbing into the very small space under her night stand...

And climbing into the drawer on the ottoman! Looks safe doesn't it?!?!? She can then get herself on TOP of the ottoman. She is a daredevil!

I am not sure if Dave likes me being home (I have lots of projects), but we have gotten lots done in my first week home! One of the projects was a little landscaping in the back yard and it looks so much better! As many of you know with small children, you do as much as you can while they sleep, but you can never get ALL of it done. Dave was sifting through some dirt, while Elle and I were in the sand box. She thought it would be a good idea to help Daddy, so she brought her shovel over to help. TOO CUTE!

We ate our first dinner outside on the deck! Elle was a little distracted by the neighbor kids playing in their back yard, she didn't eat too much that night.

After dinner one night, we headed to Owen park to play. Elle could swing ALL day, especially when she can watch all of the big kids play on the other equipment!

Our first true play date was this past Friday. 10 kids, 6 moms and 3 grandmas ventured to Irvine Park. It was Elle's first (of many) trips to see the animals. This picture cracks me up, she is on her tippie-toes to see the pony....

He finally came over to check her out! He even nibbled on her fingers and she gave me this "Mommy is this okay?!?" look!

The bunnies were more her size!

We ended our trip by playing in the fountains. Elle is taking more and more steps every day. She walked from one spout of water to another! GO ELLE! She also tried to use it as a drinking fountain.

Many more summer days to come! Thanks for checking in!

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