Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Needs Toys?

Elle is one lucky little girl, who is spoiled by ALL! Gramma and Grampa gave Elle a sled to enjoy the last of the snow (we thought). After this week, I think the snow is here to stay, so we will be able to use the sled again! I haven't decided it that is a good thing....

Elle was ALL smiles, she loves being outside! I took a video, but had the camera turned the "tall way". So when I uploaded the video you had to turn your head side-ways...bummer. Hopefully we will get it on video again - the right way!

Elle has been pulling herself up on everything and walking along furniture, so we decided it was time to get out her "walker". She LOVES her dinosaur and cruises ALL around the house. I have a feeling she will be walking before we know it! She is standing more and more on her own, a little more practice and she will be off!

Who needs toys? Elle sure doesn't, she would rather play with anything and everything that is NOT a toy! For example, the toilet paper (Yes, she found it!).

The toilet makes a great drum....

A side note for visitors - Please put the toilet seat down when finished, I am not ready for Elle to go fishing in the toilet yet! - Thanks in advance! :)

The spring behind the door makes a really funny noise. Now if she could only bang on her drum (the toilet) and play the spring at the same time, we might really have something! :}

She continues to enjoy eating, tearing, scrunching, and throwing magazines! I believe this magazine was a Parent's magazine with an article on appropriate toys for different aged children...coincidence?

Elle has ALWAYS loved playing with her comb and brush, which in my eyes is completely fitting considering her head of hair! Which I am noticing ALWAYS looks messy...I have a feeling it is going to be a never ending battle!

This week's new obsession is wooden spoons and spatulas! She could play with both for hours, and will carry them where ever she goes. For example, she was walking behind her dinosaur holding her spatula. Do we have a future chef on our hands??

Elle has figured out how to open the cupboards in the kitchen (and we do not have hardware on our cabinets). This picture reminds me of a cartoon, she would grab the top, lift up her feet and the door would swing open! Makes me a little nervous, but with mom/dad right there, she is safe.

Even though she plays with everything that is NOT a toy, she does enjoy books. We read many different times throughout the day. She has 3-4 favorite books and is a helper when it is time to open the flaps to the peek-a-boo books.

I have been home ALL week enjoying my Spring Break. We met up with lots of friends and enjoyed lots of time at home playing! Thursday afternoon, we got a call from the neighbors - they were having a POOL the kitchen. We quickly grabbed Elle's swimsuit, a swim diaper and headed over. Avery, Olivia and Elle enjoyed some splashes on a COLD spring day! Olivia was too cute - she had her beach bag, cover-up and sun screen (bath & body lotion) ready for the POOL PARTY!

Our little munchkin's newest trick is "SO BIG". I am still trying to get a picture, she will randomly do it all day long. It is the cutest thing ever!

She now enjoys eating puffs, yogurt melts, crackers, biter biscuits, and bananas. We are slowly introducing more solid foods, although she still prefers baby food. She is also doing so much better with her sippy cup.

That's all the news for the last two weeks, thanks for checking in!

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