Sunday, March 6, 2011

How much life changes!!!

This week, finds me thinking about how much our life has changed in the last eight months! And we wouldn't change it for anything!! Elle was 8 months old on Friday - how time flies.

She continues to motor ALL over the house, getting into everything. Daddy was cleaning the kitchen floors and Elle thought the chairs were a fun toy to crawl under.

Then she thought she would help daddy vacuum. Instead of both of us tackling the house cleaning (like we used to) one entertains, while the other cleans!

Check out that crazy hair...she somehow managed to pull her pony out! She will "entertain" herself for a short time after she wakes up from a nap - usually by throwing pacifiers out of her crib. Daddy keeps missing it and he wants to know what arm she is throwing with!?!?

A week ago, we headed over to see "da boys". David hasn't seen them since they were in the NICU. He couldn't get over how tiny they were, but Aiden snuggled right in and got comfy! How our time hanging out has changed, it now revolves around poopy diapers, feedings, chasing kids - all while trying to get in an adult conversation!

We have been giving Elle a bath in the sink since she was able to sit on her own (for the sake of our own backs). Well, this week we thought we would try the big girl bath tub. Another picture she will love when she is about 16!

She enjoyed being in the big girl tub, but HATED laying back to rinse the soap out of her hair. When Daddy is home to help, we can do the big girl bath tub and when he works, we are in the sink.

It is amazing how much time you spend in random places in your house once your child is mobile. One evening we found ourselves sitting on the kitchen floor for about 1/2 hour playing. Elle thought the dishwasher and all of the dirty dishes were the best! (excuse the uncombed hair!). We find ourselves playing in the hallway trying to listen to the news at the same time. We find ourselves playing on the bathroom floor while trying to get ready. It is so fun and exhausting all at the same time.

Elle got her first "real" injury. She loves to crawl over to the vent (especially when it is blowing) and run her fingers over it to make noise. Well, she put her finger in the vent and when she pulled it out, she got a good scratch. Don't worry, it didn't slow her down!!

We have singed up for a music class with a few friends. The group is actually made up of all teachers and their children. This was our second class and Elle really enjoys the songs, rhymes, lullabies and other children in the class.

Daddy came this week. He enjoyed class, but again the thought crossed his mind about how our lives have changed!

Heather and Finley hosted music so we stayed to play a little after class was done. Finley was showing Elle all of this cars, trains, firetrucks and toys. He gave Elle this "baby" train to play with, what a good friend.

On Saturday, Elle and I headed over to see the boys again. Each time we visit, they are awake longer and look bigger! Elle can't wait until they are moving like her!

Elle wore big girl piggy tails to visit the boys, she looks like a little girl - not a baby anymore.

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