Monday, May 31, 2010

Breech or Not Breech?


Baby Rueber's estimated arrival - 5 1/2 weeks
Summer vacation - 6 school days!

Baby Rueber is approximately 4 3/4 - 5 1/2 pounds and 18 inches long.
I went to my 34 week appointment Thursday and saw my doctor (she was on vacation last time). Baby Rueber's heartbeat was 152 and moving lots during the appointment. Dr. Burgess could NOT tell the position of the baby at my 30 week appointment, Dr. Peltier did not check at 32 weeks, so we checked again at 34. My doctor still is NOT able to determine the position of the baby, so at my next appointment I will have our 3rd ultra sound to look at Baby Rueber's position and check the growth, I continue to measure 2 weeks small. Not going to lie, this makes me a little nervous. I know that Baby Rueber is healthy, I am healthy so we will just wait and see what the ultra shows.

I am so lucky to have such kind and wonderful parents of my students this year. They surprised me with a basket full of baby stuff!

Social committee at school also threw a baby shower for Lisa (due in August), Michelle (with Allison, one month old) and myself. It was a very nice afternoon! Thank you everyone for the kinds words of advice.

David and I both celebrated our birthdays and for David's birthday he got to go to the new Twins Stadium and watch the Twins vs. Brewer. He went with some of the guys he played ball with at Stout.

From left to right: David, Nick, Brad and Jake

David and I headed south to Racine for the holiday weekend. I had a family baby shower at my grandma's house! It was so great to see my aunts, cousins and kids! Baby Rueber was once again spoiled with many wonderful and thoughtful gifts. It is amazing all of the "stuff" these little guys need!

I had three great helpers, Chloe, Taylor and Brooke!

Look at the adorable Brewer outfit Baby Rueber got!

While we were in Racine we celebrated my grandma's 80th Birthday (her birthday is May 20th). The whole family went to church and then out to a wonderful brunch. It was a great way to celebrate!

Check back in two weeks and we will have news on Baby Rueber's position, growth along with a few pictures!

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