Sunday, November 20, 2011

No Pictures...

So I didn't post last week because there was only ONE new picture on the camera!! Bad mommy... Well this week there was only ONE more picture - and only one is "blog worthy". So this will be a blog without pictures!

A blog without pictures - okay I will add one at the end...

Our little lady does so many things that remind me she isn't a baby anymore...
  1. Elle now sits in a booster seat at the table. We put the high chair away about a month ago.
  2. She doesn't want to snuggle/rock before bed. A little sip of milk and she points to her bed!
  3. Elle is signing more and more. She is able to sign: more, all done, please, milk, eat and thank you.
  4. We are still waiting for a huge language explosion, but we hear new words all the time.
  5. She understands about 90-95% of what you say to her - it is amazing!
  6. She can put her own hat on and loves to try and put socks/shoes on.
  7. LOVES to brush her teeth.
  8. Elle loves to dry her hair with a blow drier.
  9. She can reach things on the table now.
  10. Elle can climb onto anything! The dinning room table was a new one this week!

Elle is very into mimicking sounds. If you sneeze, she will pretend to sneeze. If you cough, she will cough (and cover her mouth!). The funniest one was yesterday, she was playing in her cozy coupe and passed a little gas - YES she tried to mimic the sound with her mouth...silly girl!

I will stop boring you with typing - all you want is pictures and I promise to get the camera out more this week. It is a short week for me only Monday and Tuesday!! Yahoo! We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year (our 3 year in a row). I have a 25 pound turkey in the fridge...Yum, Yum! Can't wait to pig out on some good food!

Here is the only blog worthy picture. Elle, Paisley and I took a winter walk yesterday. She insisted on going, so we made a quick trip to the corner and back! was cold and wet! The wagon does NOT go so well in the snow, there was ice on the tires and by the time we got home, I swear they weren't turning anymore!

All you Facebook followers....I broke down and put up a few Christmas decorations today!!! Dave just shook his head...I just couldn't wait any longer!

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