Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween!

3 weeks in a row....must be a record!!!

Happy Halloween!

Elle didn't have a clue what was going on, but thought it was pretty great having a big bowl of candy to dig through!

The theme of the year continued...Our little "lady" was (the most adorable) ladybug!

I'm outta here...

Come on Dad, I'm ready to go...

Elle L.O.V.E.D. passing out candy, she would have rather passed candy out than gone door to door to get her own. It was too cute!

Time to turn our light out and visit the neighbors. Elle lasted about 7 houses and that was enough as Mom and Dad would be consuming the candy this year....

Counting and sorting her candy...okay maybe just looking - someday...

We tried to get a picture with the neighbors - Avery and Olivia.

Daddy is there anyone at the door???

Too much candy, no just those darn eye teeth - Darn things need to break through already!

Check out these nice leggings...Daddy's socks!?!? Silly girl.

more leggings!

Elle and I had a fun morning Saturday. Instead of grocery shopping and laundry (like most weekends) Elle and I made a trip to the Children's Museum. I was nervous that it would CRAZY, but it wasn't too bad. Elle just loves the museum....

Picking veggies from the garden,

sorting veggies,

turning on the lights so see the animals,

she thought this was a trampoline and was trying to jump!

The car is always a hit...

Elle was passing the money holder back and forth with another little girl and was LOVING IT....

Check out that smile! She was having sooo much fun!

It was so nice to take a break from the normal weekend "to do list".

Not sure why it it underlining what I am writing and I can't turn it off...

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