Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two Steps Forward....One Step Back

 Two steps step back.....

Well ONE week of a toddler bed was enough for this family!!!  Elle would NOT stay in her bed...she ended up sleeping on the floor E.V.E.R.Y. night! She did NOT nap!  And she would ONLY fall asleep if you laid in bed with her (picture that... not pretty)!  So needless to say, I called for reinforcements!  THANK YOU Heather for coming to the rescue!  We are so happy to have the crib tent!

It was almost like Elle was relieved to see her crib back!  She has slept E.V.E.R.Y. night since and has napped every day too!  We are also so at ease when she is in there, knowing she cannot get out and/or get hurt from trying!  Some day we will try the toddle bed again, but for now the crib tent is what we need! 

We continue to enjoy the mild winter we are having!  Elle has been able to go for a walk almost once a week, this winter! (see burley in the back ground)

While Daddy was trying to get dinner ready, he gave Elle a snack....It sure was a fun snack - to smash!!

What????  Am I doing something wrong??!!!!?????
Dave got out the vacuum, so Elle go her play vacuum out too!  I wonder who picked up for smashed goldfish...Elle or Daddy?

We finally got some snow that was "packy"  and Dave got right to work building Elle her first snowman!  With this mild weather, the snow and snowman are already gone, and we have green grass instead!  Trust me, I'm not complaining!!!!

Elle has been very vocal about going  potty (well po-po) and will know pull down her pants and say pa-t for potty.  Dave has been sure to instill the routine of "reading" while in the bathroom!  Too cute. Elle has gone on the big girl potty at least once a day this whole week!  Maybe we are onto something?!?!? 

Once upon a time....Grampa watched Elle for the day and taught her how to ride on top of her cozy coupe.  Well, she doesn't easily forget!  She was trying to get up there ALL on her OWN!  She is such a monkey!

Even though it is still February, McDonald's already has Shamrock shakes!  Elle sure enjoys them!  She was skyping with Grampa...and trying to share with him too!?!?

Happy Valentine's Day!  Elle got new sandals for Florida (and this summer), and lots of treats!

Elle has been very into "arts and crafts" lately.  Just about once a day, we get out her crayons, markers, and STICKERS!  She loves to put stickers on herself and you if you are close enough.

Da Boyz came over to visit one Saturday.  Elle enjoyed sharing her veggie straws with them!

All of that hair is soooo fun to play with in the tub!!!

In other news.....

We have begun a new chapter in our lives.  Gramma has retired from watching Elle.  As you can see from all of the blog posts, Elle is a V.E.R.Y. busy toddler and is exhausting to keep up with.  It was getting to be a little much for Gramma.  We are so sad that she won't be coming over for her bi-weekly play dates, but are so, so, so THANKFUL that she got to be such a HUGE part in Elle's life thus far!  Who better to watch your daughter, than your own mother!  Seriously, we are so lucky!!!

With that, we are very lucky to have found a stay at home mom looking to take in children.  She has two children of her own, a three year old boy, 15 month old girl and one on the way!  Susan, is such a kind, friendly and flexible person (Elle is on an every other week schedule plus two extra Fridays a month).  Elle is the only child she is caring for at the moment.  We know that Elle is in good hands when she is there. 

Elle went to Susan's for her first Friday, yesterday.  Overall the day went well, Susan was prepared for the worst....
Elle didn't eat much, I know that will change once she is more comfortable.  Kids will eat when they are hungry...right!?!?
Elle didn't nap.  Actually, she got out of the pack-n-play TWICE!  I have since ordered a pack-n-play crib tent for her house! (well, technically, she napped on Susan for 30 minutes in the recliner)
Elle did make herself right at home and played ALL day!  
Elle was very tired when she got home!
Elle gave the kids hugs before we sweet! 

I will be sure to get a few pictures of Elle's new adventures in the weeks to come!

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