Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas 2012???

 So I am having some major technology issues...I know it is the user, so bear with me here! :)  

Christmas 2012...just kidding 2011, it just took me this long to update the blog!  (Like I said...user error!)  We headed to Oconto Falls for Christmas.  Elle loves Gramma and Grampa's house, especially their kitchen cabinets.  Within 5 minutes of being there, Elle had ALL of their island cupboards empty...seriously.  Grampa brought two big tubs of breakables down stairs away from the crazy girl who moved in for a few days!  

Elle got to enjoy a picnic snack in the living room and then played with one of my old cabbage patch toys.  She did try to ride it a few times, but quickly realized she was too big!

Christmas Eve, we headed to Green Bay for Church.  Ever since David and I got married, Gramma and Grampa have been going to Calvary.  We love the Pastor and all of the young families.  We went to the children's service, Elle did wonderful! She made sure everyone was singing (even Grampa...who usually only lip sings) and then clapped after each song! 

A new tradition started last year, is to decorate the "kid" tree when we get to Gramma and Grampa's.  The kid tree are all of the ornaments Adam and I made as kids, as well as our yearly ornaments. Elle helped this year! 

Adam, Amy and the boys came over Christmas day morning, arriving around 1ish.  Elle did soo good NOT touching the presents that Santa brought!  I was amazed! :)

Bring on Santa....
Look who Santa brought, Da Boyz!  Aiden was ready for his 3rd round of Christmas, he is all smiles. 

Elle dug right in looking for goodies in her stocking!

And the chaos begins!

Nice bag!

Elle has been R.E.F.U.S.I.N.G. to wear pants.  Seriously, everyday this week I came home to a little lady with NO pants on....urgh!

Elle and the boys were spoiled! (as were we!)  But I think this tops her favorite list this year! Even if all she wants to do is hit the "open" button...

Mommy got new shoes and Elle tried them on,

Then she moved onto Auntie Amy's Uggs!


Elle found Aiden's pacifier and was showing him where it he didn't already know!?!?

( will not let me move the two above pictures...grrr) 

Elle also got a kid friendly computer, as she is always after ours!  Santa, I have to say she still prefers the real thing...bummer!

We headed out on the 26th, but not before Elle read Aiden one last story.  Too cute!

When we got home, Elle found a Santa sack with her name on it, FILLED with more presents.  She was for sure on the nice list this year!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  It was so fun watching Elle open gifts and want to play with everything...right away!

Sorry it took so long to update, but life is just too busy!  I have decided that we need about 36 hours in a day and everyone should only work 4 days a week!  How does that sound for a New Year's resolution???

It is hard to believe, but Elle is 18 months old!  We have her check up next week, so I will update after that.

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  1. I love reading your blog! Elle is so beautiful...just like her mama!