Saturday, October 22, 2011

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A busy few weeks (okay a busy life) girls weekend in Milwaukee, parent teacher conferences, birthday party and a trip to the pumpkin patch (see 2nd post).

Parent teacher conference week, means a long week for mom (and dad)! So Elle and Dad brought me lunch! It was the only time I saw Elle Thursday (20minutes at lunch)!

She enjoyed playing on the computer in the work room!

Brock turned FIVE!!! We celebrate Brock's birthday with family -Elle's cousins Aftin and Jenna.

All of the kids went outside to burn some energy.

Happy Birthday Brock!

Gramma and Elle tried a 'playgroup' at the library. She said is was fun, but not something you could do every week. Looks like Elle enjoyed herself.

Weird...she found a computer at the library...

Elle really enjoys helping with dishes....isn't this how you do your dishes???

Enjoying the nice weather (on the neighbors play-set)

I met up with my girlfriends from high school and Dave met up with the 'baseball' guys, so gramma and grampa had Elle all weekend. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Gramma and Grampa for letting Dave and I have an 'adult' weekend! It was so relaxing and fun to catch up with my besties from O.F. and to not be on a time schedule of naps/bedtimes! It was a fantastic kid free weekend - well deserved and a little over due! Thanks again Gramma and Grampa!!

Gramma, Grampa and Elle went to visit the boys and LOOK what Elle got to do.....

Look how excited Uncle Adam is and how relaxed Elle is!! Love it - she is my daughter, I love riding 'toys' (as Uncle Adam and grampa call them).

Grampa surprised all of the kids with WI shirts - So much fun to be a WI sports fan lately! :)

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