Monday, September 19, 2011

Long Time, No See

Well, thanks to Grampa, there is finally a blog post! To make a long story short... I order the memory card adapter from Ebay and did "buy it now" so I didn't have to wait for bids. Well, I still haven't received it and yes I am in contact with Ebay. So Grampa asked 20 questions and figured out what I needed and order me one! Thanks Grampa.

So it has been over a month since I have updated the blog and A LOT has happened, and changed! Here goes nothing...

First, the week after we got back from Door County, we took Elle's pacifier away. We are happy to report that it went better than expected and we have been pacifier free for about 5-6 weeks! Naps were the hardest...and they have gotten shorter. From 2+ hours down to( if your lucky) an hour...YUCK! But we won't have a toddler walking around with a pacifier in her mouth...taking it out to talk! ;)

August means (to me at least) summer is over. I head back to school usually two weeks before school starts to get my classroom ready. This is was a challenge to get everything done before the students arrived, for a few reasons.
1. I changed grades and needed to rethink how I do things.
2. I moved classrooms at the end of the year and had to re-organize everything.
3. Elle doesn't just sit or sleep in her car seat this year (like last year).

I did attempt to bring her to school O.N.C.E. That was enough. I did more clean up than I got done! As you can see from the picture, my room was EMPTY and not exciting. It looks so different today and all was done while Elle stay at HOME! :)

We tried to do a few fun things before mommy was a distant memory! We met up with another teacher and her daughter Ellie for our first trip to the Children's museum.

Elle L.O.V.E.S. the car at the bank.

Putting money in the bank....Daddy would be proud.

Ellie and Elle checking me out at the grocery store.

We checked out water works - maybe next year. She could barely reach.

August = corn on the cob! Elle really enjoys it....

Trying new sensory activities is fun with a one year old...but don't last long. We tried shaving cream...

She got into it after a few minutes. What a fun messy (good outdoor) activity!

Dave finally took us to the Zoo. I have been asking to go since well...we have been dating and he always tells me the Zoo is closed. Well of course he wouldn't say that to his daughter. We met up with Grandma Maureen, Brock and Aftin for a picnic lunch in the park before heading to the zoo.

First stop was a carousel ride. Brock and Aftin Loved it, Elle not so much. She only lasted about 30 seconds on her horse, then Daddy held her the rest of the 5 minute ride! :)

Our favorite was the giraffes! The animals were rather quiet and not very active, it was quite warm that day.

We stopped to smell the roses...and take a bite!

We met up with a small group for a morning at Irvine. Melissa and Claire, Heather and Finley, Abbie and Ellie. It was a fun morning and the animals were busy!

The black bears were checking us out!
The cougar was biting the didn't even phase the kids.

Claire is so good to Elle and was making sure she was okay with the cougar being that close to them! :)

Up close and personal with the goats.

Peeking and the bunnies.

Kissing the bear statues?!?!

We brought Elle's table up stairs and she have been interested (for about 2 minutes) in coloring. Her first picture is hanging on the fridge!

Her favorite part - taking the crayons out and putting them back. The box quickly broke, so the crayons are now is a zip lock bag....

And then we see if they taste good...

Did I mention she L.O.V.E.S. corn on the cob!!!!

Another end of summer activity (which I think will become a yearly trip) we rode the trains at Carson park.

Elle thought it was pretty cool looking out the window at those standing in line!
We met Heather, Patrick, Finley, and Hadley. Elle loves Finley and was excited to see her friends there.

Daddy was in a wedding (Congrats Luke and Alyssa!) and wanted to golf with the groomsmen before the wedding, but it was "his" week. So...he took her with and she did GREAT!!

Congrats Luke! (the groom)
Gramma is back to work and loving every minute (but is exhausted running after a one year old!). Gramma took her first trip to the children's museum. Elle showed her the ropes.

Our Little Girl is growing up so fast and wants to do E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. we do!

She loves our new Dyson, too!

I am so thankful for the job that I have, it allows me to spend 2 1/2 months of the summer home with my little girlie. I have only been back to school for one month and totally live for the weekends!

Elle is so lucky to have a wonderful Daddy who plays Mr. Mom 1/2 time...and VERY generous Gramma who drives 3 hours every other week to play with her! Thank you Grampa for letting us have gramma during the school year! We appreciate it more than you know! Now, if we could just get you to move!!! :)

Thanks for checking in and this time I promise it won't be a month before the next update!

Happy Fall!

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