Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here we go....

David took his annual trip to Arizona to play in the father/son baseball tournament. He left Wednesday morning and would return Sunday evening.

While he was gone I just had this weird feeling and knew that I was "late". So I went out a bought a pregnancy was the kind that would make a plus if you were pregnant and a minus if you were not. Well, it made the faintest plus I had ever seen. I didn't know if my eyes were playing tricks on me, because I wanted it to be a plus or if it was for real. So I went out a bought a different kind of test that would show in the screen "pregnant" or "not pregnant"...this way there would be NO confusion! I waited three days and took the test again! It read PREGNANT!!!!

So after taking the first test (with the faintest plus I had ever seen) I went out and bought the daddy-to-be a little gift just in case.

David came home Sunday night and wasn't sure if he was going to drive home after his flight which landed at midnight or stay the night at his moms. As you can guess, I MADE sure he drove home! I asked him to wake me up when he got home. I had the gift on the bedside table waiting...he was confused at first, then he saw the pregnancy test and said, really!?!?!?

This all happened Halloween weekend, which meant my parents were in town for the weekend. That was the hardest part...keeping if from my parents, so that I could share the news with David first.

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